West Coast Warzone II - Long Beach, CA - Apr. 2-4 2010 | SF4 3v3 Added!


Hey folks!

California’s premiere fighting games tournament is back and bigger than before! West Coast Warzone II promises everything Warzone delivered and more! Check your schedule and make time for the best way to start your Spring!

Official Site - www.warzonetournament.com
Stream - www.justin.tv/wcwarzone

Pre-Registration - Early registration ends March 12th!! You will pay an extra $5 afterwards and an extra $10 at the door for the venue fee so don’t wait, and sign up today! Registration is available through the Warzone website!

At the door registration will be closed to Friday, the 2nd ONLY! If you plan to register at the door, please do so on Friday as we will not take your registration on Saturday.

When - April 2nd - 4th, 2010

Location - Google Maps Link -
Long Beach Airport Marriott
4700 Airport Plaza Drive
Long Beach, California 90815 USA

Again, literally across the street from the airport!!

Games -
Street Fighter IV
Tekken 6
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Super Street Fighter II: HD-Remix
Marvel vs Capcom 2

Setups -
We will continue to use the ASUS VH236 monitors for HD games. This way, everyone has an equally positive experience.

Most of the tournament games will be run on XBOX360s over HDMI.

BlazBlue & Tekken 6 will be on PS3 on ASUS monitors.
3rd Strike will be on PS2 Anniversary Edition on SD TVs.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be on Dreamcast on SD TVs.

Details -
Venue Fee -
$20 before March 12th.
$25 before March 31st.
$30 at the door (Until Apr. 2nd only)

Each game entry will be $10.

Prize payouts - 70/20/10
SFIV will have a bonus $700/$200/$100 added to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd from me. That’s a bonus pot added to the existing pot, not a guaranteed pot of $1000; aka, more money.

Schedule -
Posted and updated at the website.

Hotel -
The Long Beach Marriott boasts large rooms with ample parking space and features 6 eateries. We have a special room rate of $89 a night blocked out. If you book before March 12th, you will not only receive this fantastic rate, but you will also receive free wired internet in the room as well as a drink ticket to be used in their sports bar! That’s over $20 of extra value if you book early!

[You can book now by clicking here!](http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lgblb?groupCode=wcwwcwa&app=resvlink& fromDate=4/2/10&toDate=4/5/10)

Every night you book with the hotel I am also putting in your name into a raffle drawing for prizes like an ASUS monitor, XBox360, PS3, games, movies, giftcards to Gamestop, Best Buy, and more. Read more at the site!

Friday Night
No more gimmicks. Just pure fighting game satisfaction…with some drinking. Warzone Lounge Night is April 2nd with all the machines on arcade mode play and should you win 5 times in a row against the various players in attendance, you will receive a free drink ticket (while supplies last). This is my thank you to you for all the support and a fun way to get the event started.

Kai and I have put in a lot of planning into making sure Warzone is going to be an awesome experience so be sure to set your date, mark your calendar, and make room for West Coast Warzone II!

Want to see the location?
Promo Footage - [media=youtube]RK-95BdE3Z8[/media]


While we do understand the various financial situations of most of the people coming, I want to stress that this year is no different from the past. One of the biggest reasons you guys see the #2 after Warzone is because of how many of our good friends and strangers alike bought hotel rooms last year. This year we have upgraded hotels, however we fought to keep the same hotel price as the first Warzone so that ultimately the players and over nighters can reap the rewards.

Again, as the rooms are very spacious, we urge that you guys split the cost, grab some alcohol and once again make Warzone one of the greatest places to be on your holiday.

Also, while we won’t release this information till a few weeks before the hotel deadline, we do actually have a VERY special incentive that will blow your mind. I can only hint that by buying a hotel room, you will have the most “Comfortable” tournament experience ever. We’re doing something that’s never been done before, and believe me, it’ll change the way tournaments are run.

Now while I know many of you could give less of a shit about me, please think about my counterpart John and help him help you have a Warzone 3 next year.


kai is gay
3s :lovin:


Get serious?





I support this event on all fronts.


good shit john.

cant wait, ill definitely be there, and of course my resources are available to your disposal as needed.

let me know pal


There for sure. Just need a partner for HDR now…


It’s back! Good stuff.


HDR should be singles, not a Team Tourney. Also, will HDR finals actually take place on Sunday as well as getting the big screen?



oo i want to come! :slight_smile:


I’ll be there!!!


Well I will be in attendance


im there ^.^


will the rest of the tournaments start at the right time or will they start 5 hours late cuz their not sf4?


Looks like I’ll be buying absurd amounts of alcohol and delaying my trip for this.

If you know me then you get dem patron shots.


i’ll help you with that cause i told you that i have 6 bottle of them and reunite as well yayyyy…


This was obviously the biggest issue I wanted to tackle this year and we are limiting at the door registration to Friday night only, ensuring that we have brackets made and posted before the next morning. Rest assured, it will not be an issue.

We also went to schedule Street Fighter IV last on Saturday’s line up to ensure that all the other games get the proper attention they deserve.


We will definitely be interfacing in the near future.




Make HDR a singles tourney.

And hopefully HDR can make it to the big screen this time unlike last year! :stuck_out_tongue:

While the HDR players did get kinda screwed last year with the tourney starting late and all, it was the first West Coast Warzone so shit happens! No biggie.

Good luck with the tourney and may it be as successful as WCW was last year.


Singles tourney!