West Coast Warzone II - Results/Shoutouts


Hello everybody!

From the bottom of my cholesterol filled heart, thank you for making Warzone II such a successful event. Warzone I had gdlk moments, but quite a few number of setbacks. I needed WCW2 to step up from last year and deliver an epic tournament experience, to which I can confidently say: MISSION FUCKING ACCOMPLISHED. Tournaments were on time, I hear the stream quality was excellent, and everyone left with a smile and memories. To everyone I may miss in my following shout outs, thank you.

Quick Note: I apologize about not getting to an official raffle during the event. I apparently signed the ballroom until 9pm (I don’t know how I missed this on the contract) and I get charged an extra $500 per hour I stayed past that time. We ended at midnight. I’m sure you can do the math. People who came up to me and asked about the raffle I just started handing a prize to during clean up. Fatbear walked away with the ASUS monitor. Some asian guy got the PS3, and some white dude got the Xbox. A latino looking guy got the Chun-Li blu ray, and he looked kind of pissed. Oh well. Filipinochamp got a stick, and I can’t remember who else got sticks. Anyhow, that’s how it went down. I guess it’s kind of like a raffle in how random it was that you got a prize. Whatever. On to shout outs:

Kai - Yup. All those nights of planning and arguments led us to an incredibly successful event. Hopefully, Square doesn’t release another Final Fantasy a month before Warzone III. That did not help our productivity for this event. LAWLZ. I <3 Lightning & Serah. You suck.

Gootecks - What else can I say Ryan? You’ve helped me through so much and your constant winning attitude and positivity juiced me through the weekend. Thank you for all the help with the media, commentary, muscle, and everything else you’ve done for me. I know I have a life long friend in you.

AJ Papa - AJ. The world needs to know that you are the absolute greatest stream producer in the universe. I heard nothing but praise and adoration for the work you produced. Anyone would be the luckiest event coordinator around to have you work your magic. Thank you for your unending passion and dedication to quality.

James Chen - Mr. Chen. I don’t care what Mike Ross says, you are the classiest guy in the scene. Even when I was drained, you were always there to help out and provide your insight to entertain the masses. Thank you so much for being a part of Warzone II. Also, your Cammy is sick.

Cami - Oh Cami: I don’t know anyone else at Warzone who was able to turn my stress 180 back to sunshine with a smile. You were always there to assist with anything and everything. Thank you so much. Man, if only you weren’t with Ryan. You know what I mean? GURRRLLLLLLL. J/K Ryan.

MarkMan - The scene has changed and Madcatz is definitely the only company that seems to keep up with the times. MarkMan, you are an invaluable asset to not only Warzone, but every fighting game community. Your sponsorship and presence was greatly appreciated.

Keno - Keno. 400 years of oppression and manual labor has made you the ultimate TV carrying machine. MAH BOI! You’re always there man. Fucking thank you. As soon as my overtime is over, we’ll be back to kicking it like the old days.

Warren - Warren. 100 years of building railroads for pennies a week has turned you into a slim, agile, work horse. Thanks again for everything. You’re the fucking man.

Filipinochamp - You are my favorite NorCal cat. Fucking love you homie. You always bring the hype. I will make sure to get some time off and come up to NCR.

Neo - FUCK! Justin is just too good. Good shit though. Thanks for coming out again and getting hype as fuck! If you have another big money match, I’ll be there. You’re mah boy d00d.

Eduardo/Damdai/FloE/Jan/RuIn/etc - Thank you for flying from out of state and country. I hope you guys had a good time. Eduardo, don’t jump against Kai. It’s just not going to work. Run it back on PS3 homie!

All of my SoCal friends - You know there are just far too many to list. You’re all my favorites. I hope Warzone was to your satisfaction. This is your tournament.

All my NorCal friends - Thanks for making that drive down. We appreciate and needed your presence. We’ll be sure to make it up to SUPER NCR!

Earthquake - Thanks for scaring the east coast people. God bless, I hope everyone in Baja is safe.

To everyone else that I know I’m forgetting: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I hope you will all come out for West Coast Warzone III in 2011.

God bless. I love you all.


Street Fighter 4:

  1. Justin Wong (Rufus)
  2. Peter “Combofiend” Rosas (Abel, Cammy, Akuma)
  3. Alex Valle (Ryu)
  4. Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
  5. Kai (El Fuerte)
  6. Online Tony 213 (Seth)
  7. Eric Choi (Rufus, Sagat)
  8. Shizza (Chun-Li)
  9. Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
  10. AndyOCR (M. Bison)
  11. Jayce The Ace (C. Viper)
  12. Long “ShadyK” Tran (Akuma)
  13. Demon Hyo (Blanka)
  14. Ari “fLoE” Weintraub (Sagat)
  15. ComboJack (Sagat)
  16. 200 Yen (Sagat)

3rd Strike:

  1. 5 Star (Ken)
  2. Justin Wong (Chun-Li)
  3. Rom (Yang)
  4. Amir (Chun-Li)
  5. ReNiC (Alex)
  6. Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li)
  7. Horrible Dudley (Dudley)
  8. Ken I (Makoto)


  1. Justin Wong (Storm, Sentinel, Cyclops)
  2. Neo (Storm, Sentinel, Captain Commando)
  3. Demon Hyo (Storm, Sentinel, Cyclops)
  4. Clockw0rk (Strider, Sentinel, Doctor Doom)
  5. Reset (Storm, Sentinel, Captain Commando)
  6. MvC2 Roundhouse (Storm, Sentinel, Iron Man)
  7. Genghis
  8. Bill W.


  1. Afro Legends (Dee Jay, Balrog)
  2. Snake Eyez (Zangief, pad player)
  3. Alex Valle (Ryu)
  4. DGV (Ryu)
  5. Aqua Snake (Fei Long)
  6. Count Fuddulous (Dee Jay)
  7. Mongolo Robocop (Chun-Li)
  8. Blue Tall Can (Blanka)

Tekken 6:

  1. MYK (Lars, Bruce)
  2. Kane (Bryan, Lily)
  3. Rip (Law)
    4 - 8: Gotta find the bracket

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift:

  1. Bang Camaro (Bang)
  2. Dacidbro (Bang)
  3. ZONG_one (Carl)
  4. render (Ragna)

SF4 3v3:
1st: Team We Hate Kai | Justin Wong (Rufus), Eduardo “vVv Scrub” Perez (Balrog), Ari “fLoE” Weintraub (Sagat)
2nd: Team NorCal 1 | Ricky Ortiz (Rufus), Martin “Marn” Phan (C. Viper), Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
3rd: Team Rush Kings | Alex Valle (Ryu), Peter “Combofiend” Rosas (Abel), Shizza (Chun-Li)
4th: Team Level Down | Long “ShadyK” Tran (Akuma), Online Tony 213 (Seth), Kai (El Fuerte)
5th: Team Name | AndyOCR (M. Bison), Jayce The Ace (C. Viper), Richard Nguyen (Sagat)
5th: Team NorCal 2 | Hugo101 (M. Bison), Nima (Akuma), Vance (Zangief)


BTW John, Day 1 results are here and Day 2 will follow as they come in.


Great time for my last tournament as an Alex player. Great job John and Kai.


Awesome job running the tournament guys! The hype was awesome. Mad props to Snake Eyes for putting on an awesome display of Zangief play. That was Amazing!

I had a lot of fun rocking some HDR commentary. Would love to do that again.

Thanks again, it was awesome!

Side note to anyone heading back to San Diego, 405 south is fucked by the powerplant. Been stuck for 30 minutes waiting for a huge wreck to get cleaned up.


Love to all my friends~


good games to klumzyrice, sherry, flip-champ,combojack, jwong, and rickyO
wish i coulda done better =(
great tournament John & Kai
SSF4 is just around the corner!


Agreed. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped put this tourney together. And double thanks for giving HDR such good treatment with streaming, good commentators, etc. It was a blast! :tup:

Big props to Snake Eyes for his amazing performance, to Afro Legends for being a robot sent from the future to own us all, and to all of the rest of the HDR players that made this weekend so much fun! And a special shout out to Damdai for coming out to this. Nice to see you again man! PS: Your Ken is annoying…in a good way :wink:

GGs to everyone I played in HDR and SF4. Heh, I finally won a match in a SF4 tourney. Maybe some day I won’t be total trash at that game…maybe. Had fun watching all the good players do their thing. Special shout out to Valle for showing Megaman that Gouken can rape Boxer. That was too good. Top 8 was a lot of fun too.

Can’t wait for the next one!


I love you to my So Cal friends.


fun weekend…won some sidebets from team tourney and watching sherry 4-0 and akuma player lol good shit…one scary shit that happened on the way home is that when Rom stopped for gas we ran into the davis guy and all of a sudden there was a blackout and we were at a gas station in the middle of nowhere WTF that was straight from a horror movie lol but over all fun weekend and great tourney hope to see everyone at NCR


I was watching this stream and it was funny as hell watching Online Tony own Marn. Kai’s El Fuerte is fucking godlike though. It looked like alot of fun. I wish I lived on the west coast.


man poor marn, he did so well at the last one. online tony is nasty


switching to chun like everyone should? if they want to win that is


Online tony & Jaycetheace made the stream really excited. I turned on the stream and didn’t expect to watch for 4 hours.


HDR was awesome. Stacked field. I really can’t wait for the next one.

I’m posting videos right now. I got a lot from the tournament. Tekken 6 is going first, then HDR then SF4.




Props to the homie SNAKE EYEZ. He really came thru at this tourney. Chea.


I spent way too much money this weekend, but it was totally worth it to hang out with everyone and basically not sleep for 72 hours.


go brandon hyoooooo


Good job five star! (ken)


lol Glenn if I see that vid of me versus Ricky again I’ll probably quit Tekken forever. I was like “oh shit I hella might make top 8, this is probably the closest I’ll ever get in my life!” then I saw I had to play Ricky, and he proceeded to crush my spirits. :’[

Luka and Pherai: you guys always make the trips to SoCal fun, whether it’s boring-ass Denjin or WCW.

Everyone: see you at NCR!