West Coast Warzone VIDEOS + Full Results & Thanks, Apologies, Justice


Hey whats up everybody, I know these results are a little late, but I had to make sure that I got everything and anything. If you just want results and not read my ranting look towards the second post.

VIDEOS ARE UP: www.westcoastwarzonevideos.com

So first off, a great big THANK YOU to all that attended, and extra props to those that got rooms. For those of you that were wondering, we received more than enough room reservations to meet our quota. For this I cannot thank friends and strangers enough.

Second, a huge apology to all that attended especially to those that were in the games other than Street Fighter 4. For those not in the know, no other games started until about 9-10 PM on Saturday, when they were slated to begin at about 6 PM. Again, for those that stayed, thank you, and for those that had to bounce, my apologies.

And for those that were wondering, outside of the huge fuckups in tournament scheduling (which Ill explain shortly), West Coast Warzone was a HUGE success. The amount of players totaled near about 350 players for all games combined, and about 275 for Street Fighter 4. We clocked in at about 600 people in the room at one time, and our stream viewers was also some ridiculous #, but Ill let Cami chime in on that.

For personal friends of John, that were keeping up with our expenses, not to worry. Before Warzone we gambled away $1000, and shortly after another $2000. Money comes and goes, but ultimately John was just happy that he was able to provide SoCal their first major, and friendly faces a place to hang and chill out. Looking at our gambling habits, Johns wallet is doing fine. He works hard at his job, and has no qualms throwing teh monies away for his friends.

Now regarding the issues Im not going to lie, myself and John were already pretty satisfied about the total in attendance. We had about 180 players already pre-registered for Street Fighter 4. This already met our quotas in many ways. However, (notice the difference in tone) my boys from NorCal made DAT CRAZY drive down, and with the Gs from San Diego, we had over 60 players register at the door. A few assholes, quite a few, most of them being friends and also seeds from the OC/LA area also decided to register at the door, adding about another 30 players just for SF4 (shame on you). Me and John clearly didnt expect this as we only had an extra 25 blank badges I believe ready for late registrants. I had brackets already pre-made for pools totaling 256, and when the late registrants shot over that, along with an influx of seeds in that group, I decided that I would remake pools and reseed accordingly. This decision was in my opinion the right one for every reason other than the fact that it would hold everything back. A quick shout out to Utah also for coming down. You guys are troopers right there with everybody else.

Finally, let me say a few things about seeding. For those that were watching, for the players, and for my seeds, I hope I was able to provide you with proper brackets in both pools and semis. My apologies to NorCal and San Diego in pools, as the majority of you signed up at the last moment, so I was unable to separate you properly towards the end.

That being said, I know that for spectators and players alike, I have proven my point in showing how important real, proper, and well-based seeding really is. Aside from making sure nobody gets an easy ride, it also ensures that people who deserve to make it into semis, do. If somebody deserves to make a name for themselves, aka Hiro, Bryant, UTJ, etc. theyre given the chance. Upsets occurred, and damn were they well deserved. Semis were beastly, with every damn match I put on the big screen dragging that shit to a 3rd set. While Sunday finals ran a little late, dont blame me, blame my qualifiers for being too damn good and hype. And yes, there was a shit ton of floating that occurred in semis also, but this allowed for those matches that you got so hype for to happen. And lastly, a big fuck you to you dumb fucks who believe different. Go play your roommates, your training partner, your driving buddy, and have fun being the garbage that likes to place 248th instead of 256th. You are the scum that will never understand what its like to train so hard only to get beat by your best friend while scum like yourselves somehow place higher because of some randomized bracket. Like I said time and time before, seeding isnt just for the players, its for the community that expects to see good quality matches, not top players taking out top players and certainly not your scrub asses getting owned by a master seed later on. Seeding can be done without bias or exploitation as I have just proven, and yes, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT.


Ill end this with my shoutouts, which the majority of you wont read, but at least buy these next fuckers a beer when you see them. Myself and John cannot thank them enough in helping us unlock characters and unload equipment.

Keno, Warren, Bryant (These 3 deserve a few beers), Sherry, Kara, Tatsu, Jay94, and some old faggot called Moval who left due to hemorrhoid issues.

Jack thank you for the drink and for caring for me like the old ching chong you are.

Henry C. from NY, you have my sincere apologies and appreciation for bearing with me on Sunday.

Marn thank you for accompanying me and John Rog on our gambling expedition. The 1 G you lost will always remain in my heart, and puts me that much closer to finally equalizing my karma.

Gootecks and Cami for their hard work with the A/V equipment, as you guys stayed up for about 48 hours just as I did.

Ken I and Dae for your increased patronage in offering us an extra TV and PS2.

Theresa, Naomi, and again Sherry for being our registration girls.

AJ Papa for staying up and editing footage till the wee hours like a trooper, only to lose all the footage of the many girls we had at the pool party, and retaining all of the sausage footage.

Thank you Kelly for the ice cream.

DJ Dan for DJing the pool party, along with an apology for ruining your Sunday night. You already know that I know that you know youre the shit.

Vic and Vicious for losing me $10. YOSH.

All people that played the superior game of 3rd Strike.

Mike Ross for being Mike Ross

Without further ado, I present to you your Top 8 + Semis.


Street Fighter 4
1st Marn
2nd Alex Valle
3rd Edma
4th Yeb
5th UTJ
5th Eric Choi
7th Floe
7th Filipino Champ

9th Bryant the Tyrant
9th Masarop
9th Combofiend
9th Sin

12th John Choi
12th Hiro
12th Crizzle
12th Henry Cen (Censei)
12th Dae

(Assuming 32-man Semi?s)

16th Mike Ross
16th Moval
16th Keno
16th Jal
16th Magus
16th Nemo
16th Coffee
28th KillerKai
28th Art
28th DJ Dan
28th Tatsu
28th Vasvaranian
32nd Calm Warrior
32nd JR Rodriguez
32nd Viscant
32nd MYK

3rd Strike
1st Yi ?5 Star? Wang
2nd Ken I
3rd Vinny Marano
4th Kai
5th Hung Bee
5th Sanchez
7th Mr. Bean
7th JR Rodriguez

Blazblue (To be sorted)
1st Pulsr
2nd Goryus
Copper Dabbit
Mike Z

KOF 12
2.Mr. KOF

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
1st Chunksta
2nd Neon
3rd Mike Ross
(To be sorted)
Mike Z
Iron Scrub
Mike Chaos

HD Remix
1st Team CaliLegendz (Alex Valle & AfroLegends)
2nd Team Old Men (Mike Watson + John Choi)
3rd Team Abortion (AquaSnake + le0n0ski )
4th Team Too Old for this Shiz (Voltech + Dark Gaiden)
5th Team Choi (Eric Choi + Tyram)
5th Team Beauty and the Beast (MonGoloRoboKop + BlueTallCans)
7th Team That’s What She Said ( EA Megaman + SweetJohnnyV)
7th Team Korea ( Nasir + Dae)


Edit: N/M - Sorry for my rant, didnt know you were still posting results.



congrats to all the finishers :smiley:


better late than never Kai. GS.


Hi Megaman,

Again, I apologize for the wait, and I only put the Top 3 because generally only Top 3 matter for team tournaments. I have put the full Top 8 for you.

To be fair, all games waited till after SF4, and as I explained above, I do feel for the people that had to wait, but it was not 12+ hours. If you were strictly there for HD Remix the tournament wasn’t supposed to start until 5-6 PM.

As much as amends can’t be made after what’s done is done, please know that we tried our best and refunded teams that wanted to leave, while still paying out for the full amount of teams signed up. Other than sincerely apologizing and backing it up with money, I was afraid there was no more we could do. Please do know though it was not my intention to shit on HD Remix. As Valle and Watson + etc are my close friends also, please do not believe I was biased towards HD Remix.


team old men was watson + john choi
team korea was nasir + dae


We played SF4 too, but only really to give the winners our money. I got duced out. FFS - I suck at that game. I literally spent 90% of the day waiting. The way everything came together (no videos recorded, no big screen matches, no finals on finals day, starting at 11PM, only Top 3 results, missing player names in results etc…) it seemed like nobody gave a shit about Remix. That sort of pissed me off.

I understand your time constraints and I understand why some of this happened - which was why I wasn’t really pissed until it all added up.

I hold a very strong opinion about results, probably stronger than most (sort of like you about seeding.) I believe full results should be posted, no matter what. Players want to know how they do from tournament to tournament. Moving up in rankings, no matter how little, can be a big motivator to keep playing.

Anyway, I’m sorry for ranting. I probably should have thought about that one for a minute or two before hitting the post button. :china:


Kai I don’t know you or even got to meet you, but I have to say this

I ended my Summer with Westcoast Warzone. I could of went on a party bus to vegas with some cougars and had a free vacation over there. Instead chose to waste like 600 bucks at warzone. I went 0-2 in the SF4 tournament. I felt like shit saturday and sunday. I had to stop my cousin from killing Marn on friday. I think I totally made an ass out of myself to Kara. A buncha people said hello on saturday and I gave weird anti-socal looks because I honestly did not remember them. My room was packed with way too many dudes every night and smelled like ass funk. I didn’t even get to drink most of the booze that I bought. Some girl drank all my patron and proceeded to through it up on someone’s pants.

I could on and on. Oh yeah, I suck at SF4.

But anyways, THANK YOU FOR THE FUNNEST WEEKEND OF MY SUMMER, this shit totally made 09’ a fucking awesome ass year. Screw the haters.


Thanks for the breakdown of the tournament and explanation about seeding. You did a great job for all the late registers.

To the people who complained about seeding, let’s put it this way - if you’re not good enough to beat the lower level players, there is no way in hell will you be good enough to beat the upper level players. Sure, maybe you’ll make it out of your initial pool because of an easy bracket - but what happens when you’re playing Daigo/Valle/Choi/Choi/Wong/Marn/EdMa? You’re done - same result, regardless of seeding. I went 0-2 but didn’t play anyone I rode down to SoCal with, so I was satisfied. Actually, I may have been the only NorCal player in my pool - there certainly weren’t any of the people I came down with. We WERE kind of concerned when pool 4 or 5 was released and the only NorCal player called was Eric Choi (I think), so we were afraid that we’d all be mashed into one pool, essentially making it one of our local tourneys here o_o. But it ended up being ok, and actually damn good considering all the late registrations and me not being in the system for some reason. I guess I didn’t take the late registers into account when I was like “wtf is going on with the seeding and floating” o_o.

Didn’t get to challenge you at RPS… maybe next time. After all, Fuerte is just one big rock paper scissors match :D.

Again, great job Kai on running the brackets.


good shit kai and jrog
i saw you guys hustling non stop all weekend

i wish everyone would stop giving hdr the low end of the stick :frowning:
well at least its not kof12 :slight_smile:


kai - write another 5 paragraph essay apologizing to tatsu cuz you forgot to put him on the SF4 results.

thx gook. oh and happy birthday!


Oh damn, I wonder how I forgot Tatsu.

What’s that thing you have Moval? Comes with old age? Alzheimers?

Nah I’m not that old yet.


congrats to all the placers and especially good shit yeb.

I must say I’m really grateful for the live stream. Nothing like a beer and pizza to go with live high level SF4 on a Saturday/Sunday night. Thanks guys!


tragic heroes are forgotten


Thank you Kai. I didn’t get to introduce myself, but did say wuzzup to John Rog. Appreciate the shoutout and we really appreciated the well made brackets. Hopefully I can make it to NORCAL REGIONALS. If you are there, then I owe you a Beer or 12 and Dim Sum. This was a memorable experience. Utah will represent better in the future.



I hope I can come too!


Me too. Me too…


<-- this couldn’t have happened without wcw!! but i had a blast! maybe next time i will play the game and prepare myself more hah. 2010!!!


Hey Kai I know I got 12th at least b/c I beat Mike and then Ed beat me :confused:

edit: good job on running it Kai, you deserve a big a break from this~