West Coast Warzone

Hey everyone. So tomorrow is the beginning of west coast warzone and I had a few questions. Since this is my first tournament, I was wondering how I’d mentally go about things. I was also wondering if any other goukens will be in attendance.

Wow really. I though u were a tourny regular. Your gouken is VERY solid I hope you get far. I have a tourny of my own im going to on saturday. Good luck!!!

Lacysan and some other players gave me some good advice in my thread I posted when I went to my first tourny. You should check it out.


Reply is a bit late, but good luck out there Delfinator =)

Bear in mind you will see everyone there, it will feel abit out of place for you, as I did at norcal regionals, play some casuals to get warmed up and familiarize you with the gamespeed as tourney play is a different tempo. Have a great time

Good luck, looking forward to seeing the matches.

So how did you do Delfinatorx671? Your Gouken is no joke so I hope you gave 'em a taste of the pain train!
I also echo the question if there is any footage up?

I have been away from the game for a few months (RL rearing it’s ugly head) so I have missed the Dojo stuff. Hope to get my arse handed to me again soon!

Im going to DFW Bar Fights in the morning and all matches will be recorded. Im hoping i get some good Gouken gameplay.

So how did u do Delf

Just thought Id post this here. My experience at my third ever tourny in St louis

So I ended Up getting 3 place at YMB tourny. First tourny I ever got some typa results and learned alot about my weaknesses. Met alot of strong fighters and I simply love doing this. Even though its frustrating at times I love being apart of the competitive scene. I will only keep growing stronger and who knows where I will go.

Anyway holes in my game!

First off WAKE UP GAME!

Im playing a characters who’s wakeup game is already weak so I really need to be solid on my option when someone gets an untech on me. When getting up from the floor they will try to destroy me by Option selects safe jumps and meatys Low and high attacks and grabs. I have to be ready for all of these and react to them when i get knocked on the floor. Main reason I lost the losers finals was because i got destroyed on Untech knockdown getting caught up in a mixup game. Now I will bbe in training mode practicing better habits when getting up from untech. Once I get this down I will be a step closer to becoming a more solid player. Also kongo on wakeup I need to just never do it. just NEVER lol.

Number 2… Block strings. We all know loosing up block strings to someone who has a good reversal and masher can be for you. Although I think It was the tv I kept droping blockstrings and getting reversaled fighting an akuma. I really feel it was the tv having slight lag issues but regardless if my block strings are solid i should not get reversal’d on. Ill be working on this.

Number 3 execution!!! Now I like to think I have good Execution potential but sometimes I really fuck up shit and it cost me the match. A mistake I Keep making with gouken is after a standing HP I cancel into an EX palm. Sometimes my fingers slip down and hit the kicks and i do a fucking Demon flip instead and this throws my game completly off. I need to play with a more refined finger placement so these mistakes dont happen. Otherwise my excecution would be near perfect.

Number 4 Jump ins and safe jump option selects. Now im still kinda new to Option selects but I understand how they work and im even trying to create my own. I know I should be safe jumping moves starting at 4 frames and above. Like cammys and Sagats uppercuts. My timming is off somtimes i need to practice this for more accurate timming. Now Simple jump ins I need to e making sure I leave no reversal windows when I jump in. When jumping in I need to hit at low as possible so I dont eat any reversals. I tend to lose alot of matchs for hit to high and leaving open too much of an reversal window. Practice practice practice.

Number 5 Zoning and spacing and anti airs and footies. . I was really on point with this one of the things i did well and caused me to win alot of matchs. I sitll need improvement. Standing Mk Cr mp standing mp Clk were destroying people. Crouching Mk and HP where destorying empty Jumps fishing for kongo’s. and people trying to walk in my face where geting fucked up by standing Mk. I still need improvement. I need to mix up my fireballs better to confuse to player. Some air attacks stuff CHP and Mk. Also I need to start using Standing Hk for dealing with cross ups. 4 framestart up with a very high hit box.

Sigh well i want to write more but i have to do some cleaning >___>

@Delfinator, it was good to meet you @ warzone, i need to know where you placed man. I got top 32.

@lacey , how many people registered?

slightly over 200

Did any Gouken players show up on stream for West Coast Warzone by any chance? Was not able to see all besides some of the team matches.

there was one guy, but he sucked

the only person i saw use gouken on the stream was kai, the fuerte player.

I did terrible. Zangief knocked me into losers, than another zangief knocked me out. Rough way to start my first tournament. Oh well, it happens. It was a good first experience though.

sall good delfinator. glad you enjoyed yourself there. as for kai, his gouken is sick, but theres a line to be drawn to keep up consistant top level play and running the event.

Delfinatorx671, I have read the forums here for quite a bit it seems the first tourney no one is lights out. You have a great gouken so you will do better next one.

Correct. My first tourny I got knocked to losers by a honda then out of losers by a blanka. Its rough. I managed to place third at my last tourny and learned alot about my weaknesses. A guy Named Rexor telling me all my weaknesses and bad habits. I bought a fucking note book and I write down all my weaknesses so I can work on them.

Each tourny im getting better plus I have areial rave this weekend my 4th tourny. Wish me luck guys Im reping gouken from the heart!!!