West Coast Warzone

I realize this is really late notice but if anyone wants to go to WCW I have a few open spots in my room.


caught this thread after a while, is there still a spot availiable?

Hey, sorry I didn’t see your PM earlier. It’s still just me in the room so yes there is a spot available. The only thing is I only have the room Friday and Saturday nights so you’ll have to figure out something else for the other nights you are there. If you know anyone else who is going let me know. I’d like to get 1 or 2 more people for those nights.

ok. i will see who else is trying to go as well, and let them know too

just double checking to see if you have a room for fri/sat already. evidently the rate discount is only until this friday

Yes I have the reservation for Friday and Saturday. It’s $200 total after fees and taxes

ok, 253 414 7025 (my cell number)

. i will be down there thursday, so just call/ text me when you arrive, and i will meet you there.

Good luck down there. Whoop some ass.

Yo Fatbear, how are you getting down there? And what would that cost?