West Covina Tilt MVC2 results 3/9/08


Thanks to all who came out, we gotta get some more games in next time Denis Raskazi. And Jeff hise is a scrub ass bitch. anyways, here are the results

  1. Mark Ivezaj (Ironguy/Cable/Siiiiigh…lock)
  2. Fuck-San
  3. Roel Espina
  4. Will Bellman
  5. Izzy Blanco
  6. Raul Aguilar
  7. Jeff Hise

Congrats to the top 7.


good shit mark eye, u movin up duh food chain


Did they fix the damage yet


do they ever fix it? NOPE


what!? these kids really hosted a tourney with a broken damage meter, that doesn’t sound legit to me.

how does 1 Headcrush take an entire life bar please:rofl::rofl::rofl:


wow a tournament at the Wesco Mall in Tilt?? i remembered when that place used to be the spot for Marvel and Tekken 5. Good times =)


wait for it…wait for iiiitttt…