West LA - Weekend Casuals - Sawtelle/Olympic

I moved and these are now hosted in Koreatown. Near Wilshire/normandie intersection.

Hosting casuals (almost) every week on Saturdays. Text me at 408-655-7611 or PM for info.
Games are streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/jawang/

Looking at the other thread, it seems like there are things going on during the week (especially Tuesday), but I’m looking for a consistent weekend event in west LA. It’s getting kind of tedious driving hours just to play some sf4

Any interest in this?
I’d be down to host (near UCLA, next to the Sawtelle japan-town area), and maybe pitch in some money for a prize pool if there are enough people for a tournament

I’d be interested the weeks that FFA isn’t running it’s Biweeklies.

I’m really interested. I work at Blockheads on Mississippi and Sawtelle so it’s perfect and I’ll be down to help out.

Hi. I’m from the Santa Monica area. I’m definitely interested in something on the Westside. I find the distances to SuperArcade and other locations pretty daunting and difficult to work into my work/life schedule. Weekend evenings would be better than during the day, however.

I play (relatively poorly) all the usual suspects: SSF4AE; Marvel; MK9; SCV (just starting); Virtua Fighter 5 (just starting); SFxT. I’ve dabbled with Skullgirls and KOF13, but I don’t really understand what’s going on in those games (willing to learn though). I’d like to work on my my SSF4, SFxT and MK9 games in particular, and am looking forward to Tekken Tag 2 this fall.

I also have a friend who would probably be interested.

im down for this just message me the address.

If anyone wants to play some umvc3 casuals hit me up!

Let’s try get this going next saturday 6/23. PM me for info

Yo Im down for sf4/umvc. I’m moving up to Santa Monica in about a week, relocating for work. I am actually driving up today to check out some rooms for rent.

Today is the meet up so Just message Jawang if you wanna join us.

Good games today. I think now I know everything there is to know about SFxT

you too man that Sakura is serious. Dude we found out the online is gdlk, and you know everything about the engine

GG . I still need to get better :frowning:

Let’s try this again next week (7/7), since there’s sbo and ax this weekend


I would be totally down for some West LA casuals spot. I have been looking for a scene near the culver/ Santa monica area. i can easily drive up sepulveda/centinela and get to the Sawtelle district.

who should i message for more details?

message JaWang for the details

while you’re there don’t forget to stop by Giant Robot and GR2. There’s also a really good curry place in the plaza with the little market.

Gonna host 7/7 casuals (this saturday) for anyone in the area that isn’t going to evo. Any game playable on PS3 or PC works

I’ll be streaming the hd ppv version of evo on the side as well

Hey I live in the Santa Monica area. I mostly play marvel and occasionally the SF. Am looking to host casuals here or looking for a place to meet some people to play. Anyways if interested hit me up

I just moved to Santa Monica. I’m an old school SF2 original guy, but would love to get some newer games in too. Shoot me a message if you guys are still running these.