West LA - Weekend Casuals - Sawtelle/Olympic


I’d like to join you guys for casuals one of these days.


Just wondering if this is still going on. I live in the Mid-Wilshire area and I play Marvel.




AE player, i’m ladera heights. I’d love to find a local casuals if this is still going on.


Moving back to the LA area soon, would love to get in on this if you guys are still doing it.


Ive been lazy with updating this thread, but this is still happening, just restarted recently. New location in ktown/mid-wilshire area, good comp, 4 setups. Text for info


Do you guys still play? I pmed Jawang asking if games still go on. Would love to level up in SFIV.
If anyone is in Santa Monica area and would like to get some games in let me know.


Are these still going on? I’m looking for some AE casuals. Definately interested if these are still going on…


Hosting big casuals this Friday in koreatown. At least 4-5 setups and running draft style team tournament. Msg for info


Thanks Jawang for hosting. Awesome turn out. Sorry I was inconsiderate. I ate 2 slices of Pizza, 4 bottles of Heineken, 2 cans of Miller Lite, and half-a-bag of Munchies Jalapeno Cheddar.

I’ll bring some beer next time : )


Had a blast. The teams and single tourneys were fun.

ggs to everyone who showed up.


Kane and Jason, I’m sorry I’m free to dat T Hawk…fml

ggs everyone, nice meeting you guys


I lost to him too lol

All my PP is gone




Do you guys do stuff like this for Marvel? I got your text Jason, but I don’t play Street Fighter so :frowning:


There are a couple marvel players who come who always ask for marvel, so kind of. We’ve done marvel tourneys before, just depends on turnout


Hosting today starting at 6pm! Text for info


Hosting casuals this Saturday 2/8 starting at 6pm! Will be running AE, ultra sf4, gundam, and more! Team and singles tournaments! Text or msg for info (koreatown area)


Hosting casuals this Saturday 3/15 starting at 6pm! Free street parking, free entry. 4-5 setups, AE/pc ultra tournaments, side games, monopoly money matches, food/drinks

Come on out, text for info 408-655-7611


RIP to this thread whens Gaylord casuals Jason :stuck_out_tongue: