West Lafayette, IN/Purdue University - Spring 2012 SESSIONS EVERY TUESDAY


What up West Laf fighting gamers!

Fall 2011 season of ranbats starts this tuesday, 8/30. Current plan is meetups every tuesday, every other meetup will have a ranbat tourney. Meetings are in Beering Hall, room B260. Meetings start at 6:30, if there’s a tourney it’ll start around 7:30 so people have time to show up and get ready. Feel free to come to the meetings even if you’re not a Purdue student. If you need help finding Beering, you can look it up here: http://www.purdue.edu/campus_map/

The number of games we have at each ranbat depends on how many setups we have, but at the very least we’ll have 1 regular game and 1 mystery game at each tourney. I’ll try to vary up the games that are at each tourney, and at some point I’ll be taking a poll to see what games people want the most.

I’m gonna be tracking the rankings for where people place in each tourney. At the end of each season (which is the end of the semester), the top ranked players in each game will be recognized, as well as an overall winner across all games. The points system works as follows:

1st- 8 points
2nd- 7 points
3rd- 6 points…
…And so on.

Don’t forget that there’s a facebook group for the Purdue Fighting Game Club here:

Feel free to join if you wanna stay up-to-date. It has a group chat where we can shoot the shit, and I’ll be posting info in there too. Hope to see you all at the meetups!

W. Lafayette, IN Gatherings Every Tues.. RANBATS Every other Tues. First Ranbat 1/25

**Current rankings: **

  1. riley (6 pts)
  2. jay (5 pts)
  3. Ben S (4 pts)
  4. John (3 pts)
  5. Alex (2 pts)
  6. Jeremiah (2 pts)

1: Ahmed (7 pts)
2: Jay (6 pts)
3: Max (5 pts)
4: John (4 pts)
5: Ben (3 pts)
6: Jason (2 pts)
7: Riley (1 pts)


  1. Karl (8 pts)
  2. Jeremiah (7 pts)
  3. Ben (6 pts)
  4. John (5 pts)
  5. Jay (4 pts)
  6. Steven (4 pts)
  7. Alex (2 pts)
  8. Max (2 pts)
  9. Riley (0 pts)

Mystery Game

  1. Ben (6 pts)
  2. John (5.5 pts)
  3. Jay (5.5 pts)
  4. Max (4.5 pts)
    5.Ahmed (4 pts)
  5. Riley (4 pts)
  6. Steven (3 pts)
  7. Alex (2.5 pts)
  8. Greg (1 pts)
  9. Karl (1 pts)
  10. Jason (1 pts)


  1. Jay (20.5 pts)
  2. John (17.5 pts)
  3. Ben (15 pts)
  4. Max (11.5 pts)
  5. Ahmed (11 pts)
  6. Riley (11 pts)
  7. Jeremiah (9 pts)
  8. Karl (9 pts)
  9. Steven (7 pts)
  10. Alex (6.5 pts)
  11. Ben S (4 pts)
  12. Jason (3 pts)
  13. Greg (1 pts)

Fall 2011 RANKINGS-



  1. Chuey (24 pts)
  2. Zheph (22 pts)
  3. Phozee (19 pts)
  4. Tim AKA Infernal Mandarin (15 pts)
  5. 'Fro (13 pts)
  6. Chupa (12 pts)
  7. Chilldog (10 pts)
  8. Acosta (8 pts)
  9. Munin (7 pts)
  10. Scheissgeist (6 pts)
  11. Jay (4 pts)
  12. Ben ( 2 pts)


  1. 'Fro (10 pts)
  2. Chilldog (9 pts)
  3. Acosta (9 pts)
  4. Bleck (8 pts)
  5. Chupa (7 pts)
  6. Munin (6 pts)
  7. Jayford (4 pts)
  8. Ben (4 pts)
  9. Salty Ben (3 pts)

Mystery Game:

  1. Jayford (29 pts)
  2. Acosta (23 pts)
  3. Ben (22 pts)
  4. 'Fro (15 pts)
  5. Scheissgeist (15 pts)
  6. Zheph (14 pts)
  7. Chilldog (13 pts)
  8. Bleck(12 pts)
  9. Phozee (11 pts)
  10. Chupa (7 pts)
  11. Munin (6 pts)
  12. Infernal Mandarin (5 pts)
  13. Chuey (4 pts)
  14. Torou (4 pts)
  15. Bertram (4 pts)
  16. Zeb (4 pts)
  17. Olivia (2 pts)


  1. 'Fro (30.5 pts)
  2. Zheph (29)
  3. Acosta (28.5 pts)
  4. Chuey (26 pts)
  5. Chilldog (25.5 pts
  6. Phozee (24.5)
  7. Jayford (22.5 pts)
  8. Chupa (22.5 pts)
  9. Infernal Mandarin (17.5 pts)
  10. Ben (17 pts)
  11. Munin (16 pts)
  12. Bleck (14 pts)
  13. Scheissgeist (13.5 pts)
  14. Salty Ben (3 pts)
  15. Torou (2 pts)
  16. Bertram (2 pts)
  17. Zeb (2 pts)
  18. Olivia (1 pts) (#1 in our hearts)




When i wake up in the middle of the night, screaming, its because of that T.Hawk face.


hey just curious if any of you guys are going to Fighter x Shooter this weekend? Fighting games (3SO, MK9, MvC3, SSF4AE, arcade ST, arcade Vampire Savior), shooting games (Black Ops & Reach) , the new Madden 12, and a huge mystery tournament. all sorts of good stuff very close to home.

i have a code that offers a discount off of the venue fee. You just need to enter this code when you check out at http://www.focus-fire.com/events/fxs and as many folks as possible can use it. if interested please hit me up with pm… err… “conversation” here on SRK and i’ll gladly get the code to you ASAP. i was kindly asked to help promote the event so i’m just doing my part.

pre-reg signups end soon, this Wednesday, August 31 is the final day to pre-reg. if you don’t pre-reg you are not only going to be unable to save $ with my code but you also end up paying like double the price at the door which is silly to do. pre-reg and letting me help you save $ is the way to go. hit me up in a convo!


PFGC poster is GO, bitches!

And a bonus, for whoever wants the original drawing in all its uncropped glory:

See you all tomorrow! Can’t wait to brush all the summer rust off.


good shit john… well organized…


Awwww yeah get hype.


GGs, grats to Tim for blowing it (me) up


I was blown up too…GGs. Me and Makoto will come back stronger?..Hopefully?

GGs to Karl too for that extremely long set we had.



Updated rankings will be posted shortly.


Good games tonight, everyone! I’m gonna be oiling up all week to get my links and criscos down pat again.

For those of you that’d like to lend a helping hand with the posters, I threw the PSD and high-res JPEG on Mediafire. If even a few people could print of ten or fifteen copies each and post them within the next couple days, that’d be awesome. I’ll probably run by SC tomorrow and run off my fair share. Let’s get the word out!

PSD: http://www.mediafire.com/?s8dd0dqqamrumy9
JPEG: http://www.mediafire.com/?b6mu24b7e9qqazb


Alright here’s the results for this week, and I’ve updated the rankings. If I fucked something up let me know, it’s late. Also if you want to be put down as a different name let me know.

SSF IV AE Results

1: Infernal Mandarin (Cody, Chun)
2: Chupa (Oni, Makoto)
3: Chilldog (T. Hawk)
4: 'Fro (Ryu)
5: Zheph (Yun)
5: Acosta (Ibuki)
7: Phozee (Sakura, Vega)
7: Dashing Groin Attack (T. Hawk)
9: Jayford (Cammy)
9: Abstract (?)
9: Will (?)

Tech Romancer Results

1: Benjamin
2: Acosta
3: 'Fro
4: Infernal Mandarin
5: Jayford
5: Zeph
7: Munin
7: Phozee
9: Chupa
9: Will
9: Abstract
9: Dashing Groin Attack
13: J.D

E: added characters. I didn’t know who a couple of you played, sorry!


GGs everyone!

lols… infernal mandarin…


Damn, I did a lot better at Street Fighter than I thought!

And my excellent Tech Romancer skills brought me to the top of the charts. It’s okay to be jealous.


next AE ranbat I’m going to try to not play a different character each round, and not play Yun at all (I literally forgot he had the anti-fireball shoulder move vs Ahmed) (why do I have a Yun avatar)


Yo i am ass at ssf4 for real. I keep meaning to grind it but then I end up playing fun games instead.


Hey Max, I printed out some of your posters and was gonna hang them up, but then I realized the room is listed as Beering 222. It needs to be Beering B260, can you change it? Also while you’re at it, it would be awesome if you could throw “find us on facebook” somewhere on there. I made a link to the facebook group:

Thanks a bunch!


So… whoever was talking to me about Iron Man DHCs last night… thank you. I was just messing around in training mode, and:

You can’t DHC from the initial hit where Iron Man pulls out the cannon. There’s 22 frames between that and the screen freeze and the beam comes out the first frame after the freeze, so Proton Cannon is hitting before you can DHC and you can’t benefit from any sort of weird knockdown states.

I was wrong, characters don’t flip out of Proton Cannon when you DHC out of the middle of it. Rekkoha just starts up so damn slow characters touch the ground before the beam is active, which brings me to…

Gigantic facepalm. If I do Angled Proton Cannon, Rekkoha is active before they touch the ground because the angled cannon brings them just ever so slightly higher. So my team has (I believe) perfect DHC synergy in the corner. And if Amaterasu is in sword stance (and not on point. on point, I get 4 supers) I can use up to five meters, and all of the supers will do full damage. Except Amaterasu’s, I don’t think anybody will ever figure out the logic behind how many icicles and lightning bolts hit.

Fun fact: my Zero BNB takes 10 seconds to do, and doing Rekkoha, Proton Cannon, Okami Shuffle, Okami Shuffle, Rekkoha takes an additional 20 seconds. Or 5 seconds and 11 additional seconds off the in-game clock.


Anyone going to SxF or w/e have room in their car? I just want a lift to the venue lol.