West Los Angeles


Sup guys. Just moved here from Cleveland last week… I live kinda between Beverly Hills & Culver City. I checked out the thread for Don’s place in Torrance; are there any regular meetups in the west L.A. area? Once I get my car sorted out, I’ll probably head down to Torrance on Fridays if I can, but it’d be rad to find some place I can get to on public trans (I know, I know). Any group that plays 3s, SF4, MvC3, or random shit (Garou, Soul Cal, JoJo’s, whatever) would be cool.


Is Granada Hills close to you?


I’m actually looking for something (or to start something) in the West LA/ Santa Monica area without having to get on the freeway, etc. Welcome!


Well, d0c, count me in on whatever can muster up in the area. I’m from santa monica


Word. I’m like right on the other side of the 405.

I’m talking to some people and hopefully will get something set up by middle of April. I’ll PM you or update the topic if we do a meetup before then.

Looking to mainly focus on SC5, KoF and SFxT (and Tobal 2 haha), but we also play randoms like JoJo’s, Garou, GGAC+ etc.

You on PSN or XBL? We can set up a local online meetup too.


I’m on PSN. “itwasfunny” on there.

Also, I’m Bob White on neogaf…though I don’t post much


Mind if I join in?, I go to SMC I’ve been trying to find somewhere to play some games since WNF is about an hour away… or 4 in traffic


Doesn’t the Santa Monica pier have an arcade with 3S


i host kof in culver city, in case any of you are interested!


Sure thing Red. Thats part of the reason I want to start something local. I’m also on GAF in case some people recognize my name from there.

I’ll send you guys invites and we can get some games going online until we work something out.

David when do you guys play KoF?


This is his Thread d0c: KoFXIII Weekly Training Sessions In Culver City

My gamertag is in my sig if you want to add for some Sf x T, SC5 and UMvC3. I just started playing KOFXIII though so if you guys want to help out that would be tight :).


anyone in west la down to game tonight?

i play umvc3, a bit of ae and sfxt, scv, pretty much anything


We play every Tuesday from 2pm-9pm. We have a lot of players come through, and it’s only for KoF13. PM me for contact info!


I’m watching you on The Runback stream archive David haha


lol man i really didn’t do well last week. hopefully i’ll be more prepared this thursday


I host Marvel weeklies on Tuesdays in Culver City, been running strong for a few months. Just finished a successful 10-week RanBat season won by Infrit, currently in talks with some folks about securing a stream and a decent pot bonus / prize pool (Sticks / clothing / gift cards etc) for Season 2.

In the mean time, I host weekly tournaments. My doors open between 3-5, tournament ~9, play until 2-3AM.


I would love to go to one of this but I don’t play marvel nor KOF13. Only game SF4 and SFxTK :frowning:


could you let me in on more info about this? Location, dates, etc. etc.? I goto school around santa monica so i’d love to attend after, thanks!


Tuesdays, almost all of them. My house in Culver City.


Mind pming me the address?