West Michigan - Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo: Must, mash, harder!

The East side of the state is great, but it’s a really long drive for most of us stuck over here :slight_smile:

Grand Rapids
GR FGC plays at The Geek Group most Saturdays. Home of the Rushdown series.

Wtr1be Gaming plays Fridays at Western Michigan University last I checked.

No regular meetups that I know of but some sporadic casuals at people’s houses. Also a short drive to G.R.

Any more places with games going on? Or details about the ones I already listed?

oh shit, we in there. I’m in holland and am always up for games not to mention i’ve regularly given rides to people who come with me to GR on saturdays for our meetups there.

We play all games at GrandLAN (AE, Marvel, TTT2, KoF, Persona, VF, etc). We are also corporately sponsored by GrandLAN and have a sponsored team that goes out to regional and state-wide tournaments. We also offer “sponsored play-in” spots for our trips. Follow us here or on the site, as we’ll inform everyone when these opportunities will arise.

Holland player right here, sadly I am only a online warrior due to living under my parents rules and restrictions.

Except when you come to gr to beast with cody

I’m a Cody player too. BINGO!

On PSN I’m artboy598. If you wanna become my friend just let me know you’re from SRK

akira isnt a holland player it’s a fact


Shout outs to mike picking up AE and salty, salty Eric!

Upcoming Tournaments
KOF/TTT/Persona Nov 3rd
SF4AE2012 and UMVC3 Nov 7th

oops, did I say Holland player? i meant Ex- Holland player cause now i reside in Zeeland. >.>

Aint nobody got time 4dat!

now that i think about it. a local holland scene somewhere would be pretty cool…

Well, I’m on the SRK now too I guess. And I’ve still yet to Google+.

(the best friggin one)

I will need someone to bring persona and kof. Who is down for that?

I can note that I do not have the DLC chars for KOF though

I can also bring KOFXIII sans DLC. Dan still has my copy of Persona though.

I still have the DLC for KOFXIII, but I gotta work 10-5 this Saturday :frowning: