West Michigan - Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo: Must, mash, harder!

The commentary in those videos.


Your friends in Indiana is hosting a Street Fighter, Marvel, and Smash tourney in just under a month. Please take a look and consider! :slight_smile:

Oh hi West Michigan. If you’re free on 2/23 want to come to Chicago for a tournament? Check out the link in my sig

added some new players: http://grapsf.com/2013/01/27/big-announcement-2/

Hello old friends!

Sometime in the future, probably around UFGT, I will be stopping in Michigan to beat on you fools.

I’d like to organize something like an event and try and spread some 3S love.

Third Strike Kumite vs Singe! I get top 2 at every 3S tourney in MN I’ve been to, so I am no joke.

Sets of 2/3, and if you win, your prize is the satisfaction that you beat me in a game where I am the self-proclaimed best.

Wow, I’m glad you guys shared these tournaments here. I somehow missed them when I searched to see what was comming up. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee anyone from Grand Rapids is going, but I’ll definitely make sure everyone knows.

Singe, it’s good to hear from you again. I’ll move 3S back onto my itinerary then and try to be presentable as a shirtless Die Hard villain / little dude that throws rocks at you with one arm tied hehind his back.

Remember that time i beat you 1000 games in a row with Elena. That was a hell of a time. Nostalgia.

[Skullgirls Tournament!!!]([Mar 23, 2013] Skullgirls Fundraiser - Grand Rapids MI

Hey all.

I’m going to be moving to the area in June from the DMV area and I’m just wondering what games are usually played at meet ups. I’m not really a MvC/TTT2/SF4 guy, but I do play P4,BB and Skullgirls and maybe some SFxT.

those are not the most popular games in our group, but we do have peeps that play them!


Michigan Masters is coming June 1
Location 18600 Haggerty Rd Livonia, MI 48152
@ Schoolcraft VisTaTech Center & Waterman Campus Center

Venue fee is $5 tourney is $10
We will be running SSF4ae, UMvC3, TTT2, SFxT, and P4A

Come check us out.

We haven’t really been updating this discussion, but we’re still out there in west Michigan playing fighting games every Saturday. (Mostly Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Under Night In Birth Exe: Late right now.)

Hey all.
Just bumping this back up and seeing if any new fightng game players are floating around West Michichigan.
We’re still meeting up every Saturday in Grand Rapids, so give us a shout here, in the GRAPSF Facebook group, or check out grapsf.com

Do you guys still play UNIEL?

In all honesty, we’ve been sticking to Street Fighter and Guilty Gear lately.
But we do have a UNIEL setup and would be more than happy to play it.

Oh, sweet. I’ve played a bit of xrd so it’d be nice to play people offline for once. I’m gonna have to make it out to one of these soon.

Cool, hope to see you out there.

Just a heads-up, there won’t be a meet up on Saturday (5/23), most of us will be in Chicago for Combo Breaker.

[http://grfgc.com/wp-content/uploads/rcrshare.png]([Feb 20, 2016] River City Rushdown - Grand Rapids MI

[[FEB 20, 2016] RIVER CITY RUSHDOWN - GRAND RAPIDS MI]([Feb 20, 2016] River City Rushdown - Grand Rapids MI

[Results are up](River City Rushdown 02/20/16 Results