West Palm Beach County Thread-New and Welcoming


Looking for more players in wpb scene… i run casuals at my house with a group of guys, but we are looking for more people to level up with.


For what games?


sf4:ae, umvc3, pretty much a little bit of everything else


PM your address/number and when you guys play, I am always looking for casuals. I live in boynton, but I don’t mind driving to wherever. Do any of you guys go to any of the local (ish) tournaments (btb, qqmore, anything at ZP)?


Hit me up I could stop by for some UMvC3 once in a blue moon.


that all sounds good to me man, Hit me up with info on when you play please! ghost rider is hungry for souls


Also, if anybody isn’t aware, monday night casuals at ZP. If it’s too much gas pm me you can probably drive to my house and I can just take you from there (I plan on leaving later at night).


most of our guys away for college n shit but ill try n set something up, im getting rusty


let me know


Yall dont want me in that marvel =p


Looking to start weekly Marvel sessions again. Looking to train back up and go to a few majors. Looking for only dedicated players.


<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>https://www.facebook.com/groups/523421757701605/ come join us.</span></font>


Just moved to Sebastian from CT where I regularly played against NY and Mass players. I play AE, MK9, KOF, and now Injustice. Can anyone point me in the right direction?




Eish if you’re in charge of that SFL FGC face book group i just sent a request, i wanna get back into some casual gameplay online play is starting to get old.

The reason i came back in here to post is get an idea of how many people around here are getting an XBONE to play Killer Instinct? im getting it day one and dont plan on playing any other fighters for a good while,i want to be good at this game.


is this thread still going on? i’m interested in trying to show up sometime since i recently moved to FL Loxahatchee and well…theres nothing but bushes and dirt here :confused:


Think this thread is dead, but:


any cvs2 players in west palm beach area?


I am the Best Street Fighter in Florida-
All are welcomed to prove me Wrong.


Is this still alive? I need some local matches the online servers sucks