West Palm Beach, Fl. Anyone around here?

All the machines are dead and busted.

There are these really NICE machines at the boyton mall (SF alpha 3 and MVC) but they are empty! I am also tired of kicking computer ass.

I’m outta practice from all the years I’ve taken off, but I can probly put up a good match these days.

Anybody around here wanna hang out for awhile?

Im from West Palm(but living in North Palm currently). I visit the crappy arcade in the palm beach mall every once in awhile, but i didnt even know boyton has an arcade. I’ll have to check it out.

As you may know, i dont think there’s much comp here so i’ve really had no one to build up any skills against but Im pretty decent.

and on a completely unrelated note: wow, join date 2005? and this is actually my first post? wow.

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