West seattle game crazy still has te stick

it’s been sitting there for a week…are these not hot anymore? they also have an akuma fightpad chillin there too.

Wish there was a thread for stuff like this… oh wait…

cry me a river

no one’s crying, we are laughing at you


what kind is it…? TE or SE and 360 or PS3

Title of thread: “west seattle game crazy still has te stick”.


thank you sir…

its ps3 and i dont remember what the akuma was for

There you go.

This is Tech Talk how?

i got it i didn’t post in the sticky. just trying give people a heads up. you should be a hall monitor

Then you’re a retard (actual insult) for posting it here as opposed to posting it in the Northwest Forums.

I apologize for not including a smiley (:smile:) in my previous post so you missed the joking tone of my post that had a joke after the previous obvious jape I made. I hear it’s really hard to understand conversational tone online. Here’s more smileys so you understand I’m light-hearted :smile: :bgrin: :tup: :smile:

If it was an Xbox 360 stick I might have picked it up because I live in Seattle too, mon frere, which is why I made the joke that this belongs in either the NW Forums or in the sticky thread. Lighten up: it’s Friday. Get laid! :tup: Or have fun. Pioneer Square has a bunch of fun stuff going on, it’s Ocho de Mayo!