West Texas Thread!


Hey everyone. I was looking for a west Texas thread or somewhere close at least. It’s a no go. Closest is Lubbock and Austin. Trying to grind on some skill is hard in these parts with only online play. Lag is killin me…

So come on, where are my West Texas peeps at?

Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Big Spring, Hobbs, Fort Stockton, Andrews, Monahans

I need some competition!


you should post in the lubbock thread, i’m in Abilene myself, alot of good players from there.


Dude, I can’t travel 3 hours multiple times a week to get some practice. I can see it happening on the weekend but it would be great to get some peeps together within closer vicinity. I saw some of the Lubbock threads Ill definitely be hitting them up.


i didn’t mean travel there, post in the thread, that is what i do


Im in Dallas right now who wants to play?


I’m in Midland, Texas.


Whoa!!! This thread is pretty dead. I have created a much better thread for the Odessa-Midland Area. As a matter of fact i might just steal this thread title a bit… Anybody who wants to find a more active thread for this area here is a link: http://shoryuken.com/f25/permian-basin-fighters-thread-midland-odessa-239701/


…and with that being said, this thread is now closed. Please continue to the above listed link.