West Toast XI Results

Just copied from dustloop and meltybread for those that care.
Melty Blood Team Tournament:
1st Team Hellmonkey Scrubs Nerina (Warc)/hellmonkey (Ren)/magz (Shion)
2nd Team Korea Arly (nero) / Kijea (mecha) / HFBlade (Ciel)
3rd Team 3rd Place Buzzsaw (meatshield #1) / linalys (meatshield #2) / Kryojenix (Mecha)
4th Team AI Numakie (Hisui) / Scott (Ciel) / Leo (Satsuki)

Not sure about the rest. Maybe it went like this?

6th Team Jiyuna Kouma Player (Kouma) / Mitsu (Day 3 Hisui) / Jiyuna (Nanaya)
6th Team Breadscrubs I forget everyone on this team. Kryo did all the work here.

GJ to Kryo for single handedly getting our team to 3rd place!

TSS Team tournament:
1st: Moar Pink (Arlieth/Hasuko)
2nd: Some other team
3rd: Stupid (that left after getting to winner’s finals)
4th: Unstoppable (magz/lina)

…somebody stole my TSS teams brackets. Fill me in on the other team standings. XD;

Guilty Gear Team Tournament:

1st - Team Hellmonkey - Hellmonkey(ED)/Nerina(BA)/pulsr(TE)
2nd - Ken I (PO) - (one-man team) [his teammates (ID & Chaotic Blue) did not show up]
3rd - Team Mike Z - Mike Z(PO)/shtkn(KY)/Purrin(MA)
4th - Team Pignutz - Pignutz(IN)/FRCFlyingJohnny(JO)/Nocturnal(VE)
5th - Team TGS - TGS(MI)/Ennvi(DI)/PhaethonH(MA)
5th - Team SpiritJuice - SpiritJuice(SO)/deci(SL)/Kijea(AB)
7th - Team Zaido - Zaido(SL)/Line(JO)/Biter(OS)
7th - Team SNK - HF Blade(KY)/Blitz(MI)/MCR(SL?)
9th - Team Mihn - Minh(), Tom(), Zugi-1(IN)
9th - Team Koichi - Koichi(), Hong(), Tsu()
9th - Team Brett - Perc.(), Brett()
9th - Team Magz - Magz(ED), Buzzsaw(PO), Ken(JA)
13th - Team Kenji - Kenji(), David(), Shu()
13th - Team Gage - Gage(), Daniel(), Arnel()

Melty Blood Singles Tournament:

1st: Kijea
2nd: Jiyuna
3rd: nerina
4th: Hellmonkey
6th: Kryojenix/HF-Blade
8th: Arly/Magz
12th: Aika / Xie / SpiritJuice / Springer
16th: JO50 / uLTraCarL / Soniti / Desu
19th: Rick / CC / Spidey

TSS Singles Tournament:

1st: Hasuko
2nd: Arlieth
3rd: GodRemixed (Id)
4th: XieXie
6th: Motoh / Ultracarl
8th: Spidey / JO50

Guilty Gear Singles Tournament:

1st - Ken I (PO)
2nd - Nerina (KY/BA)
3rd - Mike Z (PO)
4th - Hellmonkey (ED/BA)
5th - Ken(JA)
5th - Spirit Juice(SO)
7th - Shtkn(KY)
7th - Phobos (JA)
9th - Pulsr(TE) <- should have picked Chipp
9th - Zaido(SL)
9th - Deci(SL)
9th - Purrin(MA) <- should have picked Robo
13th - Blitz(MI)
13th - Line(JO)
13th - Magz(ED)
13th - Rayzrbyrn(ZA)
17th - O. Baloney
17th - Daimao (AN)
17th - Phaethon (MA)*

Videos (also copied from Melty Bread and Dustloop)

Melty Blood:
Losers quarterfinal
versus 32-34: Kryojenix (Mech Hisui) vs. Arlieth (Nero)
Losers quarterfinal
versus 35-37: Magz (Sion) vs. HF Blade (Ciel)
Winners semi
versus 38-39: Nerina (Warc) vs. Jiyuna (Nanaya)
Winner semi
versus 40-41: Kijea(Mech Hisui) vs. Hellmonkey (Len)
Losers semi
versus 42-43: HF Blade (Ciel) vs. Nerina (Warc)
3rd place match (loser gets 3rd place)
versus 44-45: Nerina (Warc) vs. Hellmonkey (Len)
Losers Finals
versus 46-47: Nerina (Warc) vs. Jiyuna (Nanaya)
Losers semi?
versus 48-50: Kryo (Mech Hisui) vs. Hellmonkey (Len)?
Grand Finals
versus 51-54: Kijea (Mech Hisui) vs. Jiyuna (Nanaya)
(Ugh this is confusing, I’ll have to finish this part later by asking tom or someone) Ivan uses the same color palette as KJ wtf?

Money Matches:
Arlieth vs. Jiyuna
HF-Blade vs. Kryojenix
Kryojenix vs. Hellmonkey

Make sure to watch all of the Arly vs. Jiyuna MM. It’s epic. Also, watch The HF-Blade vs Kryojenix money match for the most chip damage I’ve EVER seen in melty.

GGAC Team Tournament:
Ken I vs. Team Pulsr
[media=youtube]WYIIKitdkWM[/media] Winners semis 1
Team Spirit Juice vs. Team Mike Z
[media=youtube]pdAPx5SgefA[/media] Winners semis 2a
[media=youtube]iU4eASRWnp0[/media] Winners semis 2b
Team Phaethon vs. Ken I
[media=youtube]tj30hANrbFc[/media] Losers semis 1
Team Spirit Juice vs. Team Pignutz
[media=youtube]AH28hlVERiI&fmt=18[/media] Losers semis 2a
[media=youtube]8ou6G50fXAA&fmt=18[/media] Losers semis 2b
Team Mike Z vs. Team Pulsr
[media=youtube]RpxNoMBQRE8[/media] Winners Finals 1a
[media=youtube]JznaRQ9R3qE[/media] Winners Finals 1b
Ken I vs. Team Pignuttz
[media=youtube]cO8MTuwuUJQ[/media] 3rd place match (loser gets 3rd)
Ken I vs. Team Mike Z
[media=youtube]9iG3d8tgXh0[/media] Losers Finals
Ken I vs. Team Pulsr
[media=youtube]oEvLpf6fWMc[/media] Grand Finals

GGAC Singles Tournament:
Phobos vs. Ken
[media=youtube]_BekdXk1Ejc[/media] Top 8 losers 1
Shtkn vs. Spirit Juice
[media=youtube]JpftTuWgYBY[/media] Top 8 losers 2
Ken I. vs Scrub Yeknom (aka Hellmonkey, I have no idea why this video is labelled differently)
[media=youtube]dlM-DqYhPmc[/media] Winners Semis 1
Nerina vs. Mike Z
[media=youtube]46-d7r1TW8c[/media] Winners Semis 2
Ken vs. Nerina
[media=youtube]jnREXTHUmlI[/media] Losers Semis 1
Hellmonkey vs. Spirit Juice
[media=youtube]iudfroAsPaE[/media] Losers Semis 2
Ken I vs. Mike Z
[media=youtube]tyuLvXBE4ZU[/media] Winners Finals
Nerina vs. Hellmonkey
[media=youtube]CIuTepjGcPE[/media] 3rd place match (loser gets 3rd)
Nerina vs. Mike Z
[media=youtube]vr2oOLlwIrc[/media] Losers Finals
Ken I vs. Nerina
[media=youtube]i0zc36dIkPs[/media] GF set 1
[media=youtube]4suYCnZ5doc[/media] GF set 2

good shit hm =P

Hahah Scrub YekNom’s secret identity has been compromised.