West Wonderland in trouble

So I’ve been running a west coast kaillera server for over an year now. Neither me nor the other admins can really afford to pay for this anymore. So the server will be taken down if I don’t get some donations.

I’m really not sure how many of you still go on this server so sorry in advance if I’m just soliciting to no one.

Anyways, donation info is on the server welcome page if any of you are so generous.

Hey man. :smile:

Sorry sorry sorry I don’t mean to come off as a troll here. I wanted to ask, isn’t usage down by a lot ever since GGPO and then 2DF stepped in? Wouldn’t you and the other WW admins rather join in on GGPO or 2DF? Didn’t P2P Kaillera get more popular than server-based Kaillera anyway?

I know you and the other admins have probably been shelling out of your own pockets to keep it up as long as it has been. Asking in complete honesty, genuine question: is it worth it for anyone? Is there a specific group of players who would be torn up to see it go?

(This is all assuming that arcade fighting games are still the overwhelming majority of what’s played there.)

Good luck with this sir. :tup: If it has to be laid to rest than I will be sure to pour out a little drank ( coffee at the moment ) cause I played me some games in thar a few times.

With all due respect, Kaillera is dead in the face of 2DF and GGPO’s uprising.

I’m sure the entire community is thankful for West Wonderland’s contributions but donations would seem to be highly unlikely when there are alternative (and better) means of playing online now.

1v1 gaming is dead for games that aren’t on GGPO/2DF, I still use Kaillera to play 2v2 games (2v2 MvC1, for example), or more than 2 player games etc, or stuff like Tekken 3 which are only playable on Kaillera.

no monies atm tho.

I’ve donated in the past and I want my money back. No joke, I should’ve never gave anything to a server that raised my ping to insane heights and lagged the shit out of every game I played.

Plus, Brownout is just a fat loser douche with no life.

I got a week bannanitation once for beating one of the mods or admins or whatever; then calling him out on it after he tried to talk trash about him beating me in the lobby.

i used to play on here a lot, but only before i found out about ggpo/2df… i still come back sometimes for some 6 player kof or 4 player mvc or w/e, but for the most part a lagless 1v1 experience is much more enjoyable

good luck though, i suppose!

Dark hadou is the gayest *** there. Lame ass shit talking tatsu spamming akuma. If you ever question his tactics or say anything bad you get banned. West wonderland was fun but now its ***.

Started off playing 3s on West Wonderland. Ah… my first online tourney, oh god did I get owned. Anyway, sad to say I don’t think West Wonderland will live on, GGPO and 2DF have taken over.

Best of luck.

I know this is the same reason Daroms went down. Hopefully the people who still go there shell out some monies. What other places are still up and running? I almost forgot kaillera existed…

With 2DF and GGPO around, there’s really no point.

Great news. The best thing to do for everyone at this point would be to let nature take its course.

move on already.

i remember there was a dude call “O.G” in that server. That fuck up *** love to talk shit and abuse the admin function. This is why i never play in that server anymore.

Hello Skippermonkey…did you take WW down today? My friend and I were trying to get in but couldn’t :frowning:

**I browsed the server over the past month and the usage got drained so much. I barely saw anyone around then I stopped looking. DaRoms is still up but there’s never an actual number of people in it.

I pity those people who still use mame0117 for Third Strike on kaillera… :looney: **

Hey AcidGlow how’s it going?

AcidGlow(or 0746) can you please help me out with Kaillera P2P? My friend and I have been trying to get a game going in P2P Kaillera all day yesterday and it would not work. If I host, he cannot connect tp me. If he hosts, then I cannot connect to him.

We are not using routers, and we both turned our firewalls off in Windows. But even though our firewalls are turned off, do we still need to add the 27888 “port” to the exceptions within Windows firewall?

We tried putting in “27888” in the port forwarding box, and then we tried leaving it blank, and we still couldn’t connect. We were able to get into West Wonderland and other servers using he client version just fine. But for some reason we cannot connect to each other using the p2p version.

Can you please offer some suggestions to what we can do to connect using the P2P version?

If I’m hosting, does my friend have to have the “Use random port when not hosting” box checked or unchecked, and vice versa?

GW is still up and running at its usual pace. (60-80+ users) It won’t be as popular as GGPO or 2D, but its a long ways from dying. Sorry about WW.

Ah I seemed to of found an old topic. Wonderland and Godweapon suck ass. The admins there are trash as are the players. Losers like AcidGlow still play on Kaillera? haha. That dork shouldn’t be allowed near games, he sucks bad.

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