West Wonderland is back up! New IP address

new IP is

do NOT use the old ip adddress anymore. You may still be able to log onto it occasionally but it’s flaky as hell and technically I don’t even own it anymore.

Long story: Back in July, my hosting announced a server change which would change my ip address. They moved me but the new server never worked while the old one still did. They did screw up my ftp access though, but I was still able to change files via web interface so I let it go and everyone was still using the old ip. So lately, god knows whats going on but the old IP is flaking so I ask my host and they tell me that server was actually sold back in late July so I can only imagine it’s current owner is transferring horrendous amounts of pornography in short bursts like it should be done. But my new server was still not working so we (as in I) finally figured it out. It turns out they never installed Java on the new server. Well, Java just got installed so everything is dandy. Server’s working. Updated your IPs because I’m gonna forget to.

SF3 tourney is delayed to next saturday (sept. 8th) BTW

oh, also BTW. I’m selling elevated access on my server to fund it (sorta like premium membership on SRK) since no one ever donates. email me chippermonky at gmail dot com if you’re interested. I haven’t decided on pricing yet.

Is anyone else having ping issues? I used to be 0-15ms now i’m at 230+ and it won’t let me in =(