Westboro baptist church almost fly to Iraq to protest ISIS beheading of Christians


…and the funerals of Michael Brown and Robin Williams.

if they actually show up to either let alone all 3 events, I’ll have to give those scumbags some credit for having the balls, but never have the following gifs been more appropriate. And this is coming from a guy who doesn’t slow down or look at the aftermath of a horrible accident on the highway.

Can we get some kind of betting pool that shit will pop off if they show up to any event?

EDIT: http://metro.co.uk/2014/08/23/west-borough-baptist-church-wont-go-to-iraq-comedian-donates-flight-money-to-charity-instead-4843138/

“However after a week of WBC attacking Hills and posting abusive images directed at Muslims on Twitter, he opted to take the high road and decided instead to donate all the money raised for the flights to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charity Robin Williams was a supporter of.”


follow up


This needs to be in 3D



As if we don’t know what will happen…


Hopefully ISIS will do what your country should have done years ago :coffee:


this sounds like a well thought out idea by this church…


Stop giving them attention, stop clicking articles about them, stop watching interviews, just let them fade away by not giving them what they want.


They won’t go to Iraq. If they sue ISIS, more heads will roll.


As I recall, AK47s and pickets are a 10-0 match-up in favor of the AKs. It’d be a good learning experience for these sheltered folks.


Hopefully Obama drone strikes both ISIS and Westboro at the same time.


They’re going to die. :slight_smile:


They already GOT the attention. Reading about wbc isn’t giving them attention. They get attention from interviews, not people who are informed of their ill-advised plans.



If they go to Iraq that’d be scary as fuck. I’ve always thought they were just blowhard real life trolls. Attention whores. Kinda like Bill O’Reilly or Ann Coulter. They mostly believe what they’re saying/doing, but put a little extra on it to get headlines. If they go to Iraq, however, that truly shows that they’re delusional. Beyond crazy in thinking that those people actually give a fuck. That’s scary.


Crazy People vs Crazy People 2: New Age of Crazy

Oh, and here’s another nugget courtesy of the religion of pieces: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/08/21/prosecutors-suspect-charged-in-murders-of-nj-college-student-seattle-men-was-on-bloody-crusade-to-punish-us/

The left-controlled media would still rather not draw attention to muslim shenanigans in america (which is why when the crazies over here actually become focused and stuff like this becomes widespread, people still won’t have a clue), so not many people saw this. This is the same “Life for a life and a ‘tuf’ for a ‘tuf’” justification those 2 idiots in the UK spouted when they beheaded that dude in public last year…while the sheep who vastly outnumbered to 2 just stood around and bleated instead of offing the 2 loons.


i dunno who to cheer for.


Why are baptists mad about Christian deaths? They worship the same god but its not the same religion. I’m serious. When my grandma Helen was dying in the hospital, she flipped shit in her last moments because the priest sent to do her last rites was baptist. She wasn’t having that shit.


Religious people are weird.


I bet they don’t show up.


Even though they accepted the plane tickets (lol first class) I’m skeptical they’ll Actuslly go to Iraq, but I’m pretty sure they’ll show up to the funerals of Robin Williams and Michael Brown, the latter of which could be just as dangerous as Iraq. Then again after winning in court they know they’ll probably have cops protecting them at the funeral lol.