Westchester county (NY) area

Hey guys, I’m pretty new here (even though i signed up to these forums a while back) and I’m looking to get a little more serious in my sf4 skills. So I was wondering if there was anyone here around the Westchester county area, in NY, that would be willing for some casual matches every so often? at the moment all I play are, like at most, 3 different people. And my friends and I are looking to expand our playerbase. I live in Port Chester, and my room is open to anyone looking for the same, practicing skills and all that.

No one lives in this surrounding area? I’m about a half hour away from NYC

Most people this generally just go to CTF & NYC and everything, but I know a couple people around play, particularly at SUNY Purchase. Im from Rye, as is Zethzen/Ian Cofino, who’s doing the “I Got Next” movie. It’s really just me, him & his brother right now, we’re all going to be @ ECT this weekend, but we can definitely set something up.


I live in Chappaqua but I usually head to Chinatown Fair Arcades for comp.

I lived in rockland for a min, much more north now

Alright, awesome man. That’ll be sick.

I mainly got this idea from my friend who’s huge into soul cal, and is a regular on 8 way run. He’s kinda my mentor in a way, got me into fighting games and the tourny scene, he said to check around for people in my area to play and get better (I’d play him, but he lives up in buffalo).

Seems like I should hit up chinatown fair as well for some practice/comp.