Westchester NY 3D/"Anime" Fighter players!?


Living in Westchester NY, As a Tekken 6, Guilty Gear/Blazblue, Skullgirls and soon to be Tekken Tag 2 and Persona 4 Arena player, I’ve been hard-pressed to find some offline competition for these games locally. I’ve a friend who owns a great venue where I’ve been able to host tournaments, and I’m looking to expand our numbers AND games. Don’t get me wrong, I like Street Fighter 4: AE and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but those aren’t really my type of games.

Pretty much, my goal is to have our venue be one of the premier places to play games like P4UA, Skullgirls, TTT2, VF:5 etc.

The venue is “Clarkson’s Corner”, 4 Grayrock Rd, Scarsdale New York, 10583


I’m local an went to the last tourney and really liked the venue and everyone was cool. if you guys start a fight night i’ll be down and will bring 2 other good players. Your best bet is to focus on all fighting games because anime games tend to be a bit niche an those players are few and between. I play ae and umvc and will def play P4UA when it comes out so LEMMME KNOW A DAYYY SO WE CAN GET A LOCAL GOING.