Westchester, NY


I was there last week. Great place, lots of setups and a good amount of people for whatever game you like to play. Marvel is big there but AE, Injustice and Tekken all had a group of people playing. I can’t make it tonight but I’ll definitely be back, if you’re in the area you should check it out. They run casuals from 6pm-1am.


get ready!!!
everyone needs to come! if this goes well…next year i will be looking at a 2day event


Still going on?


I hope people still check this! Pleasantville here, just starting to get in to the FGC scene and been looking for people to link up with. Definitely gunna check out Clarkson’s Corner.


same here. looking for people to play and practice with… i am on PSN…


I was wondering if anyone can recommend a great place in Lower Westchester for system repairs?


What days dose clarkson’s corner have setups. I really want to check this out.


Has anyone thought of using Sports Time U.S.A in Elmsford as a venue?


Because I could see about asking to use the lan center they have, but I would want to know if anyone is interested first.


I would be interested in sports time on route 9. May be costly though.

I don’t think clarksons does anything regular. I checked their facebook and it most events seem to be card game events, like magic etc.

The CT FGC community seems pretty active, but for me, it’s too far for weekdays.

Still looking for anyone who wants to play locally. I’m psn here


Kick Punch Block was hosting Clarkson’s every week for a while, not sure what happened to them though. Maybe try contacting them to setup casuals again?


I agree sports time would probably be pricey, but I thought it would be cool to have some sessions at an actual arcade. Plus I thought if we could get enough people maybe we could convince them to get some fighting game cabs. Its always annoyed me that we have this humongous arcade right in the middle of westchester that the owners have done nothing with video game wise. They havent put in a new machine or even kept there current machines in working condition in years.


I totally agree. I use to go to sports time to play mk and MvC back in the day. Well there and Nathan’s in yonkers. Sport time has become more of a sporting complex with carnival rides than an arcade.

But I would love to get some kind of scene going, anywhere. Perhaps we should join together and start a one, more than just here I mean.


Yes that sounds awesome


I’d totally come to sports time if anything starts there, No clue what happened to the KPB locals tho


Watsup guys. So much like you guys, I am interested in getting something local going. I used to go to the KPB session in clarksons, but they stopped happening since people slowly stopped coming. I am looking to start a scene fresh, preferably somewhere not quite as far as Scarsdale as I am from Yorktown. Did you guys end up looking into Sportstime? If not, I can go ahead and do that. Another option I think might be possible is Video Game Plus in Mahopac, or even 3rd Universe in Croton. While I am willing to do a ton of the work to get it running, I would certainly welcome the help. Even if we can’t find a venue, I might be able to host a few people at my place.

If you guys are still down, please respond here or in the group PM I sent so I can try to keep things organized. Really want to actually have a scene finally, and not just talk about it. If facebook is easier you can message me there too, although I don’t use it all too frequently. facebook.com/maneatingpanda


there is currently a Thursday night session in Scarsdale. For more info, please go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/westchesterFGC. Thanks


Just posting to remind people that we’re still doing meetups at Clarkson’s every two weeks, as mentioned in Messiah’s post. Please join our Facebook group (linked above) for details. New faces always welcome.


Westchester FGC meets every Thursday night. We meet in two locations on alternating weeks. One week in Scarsdale and the other week Yorktown. For more information, locations, times, etc… follow our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WestchesterFGC/

Tournaments and seasons coming soon.


This thursdays session info: https://www.facebook.com/events/186174651779403/