Westcoast warzone 3 abels!



Results (From Eventhubs)

  1. EG.Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
  2. 801 Strider (Abel)
  3. BLG.Juicebox (Abel)
  4. BLG.Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
  5. EG.Marn (Dudley, C.Viper)
  6. Keno (Boxer)
  7. Ed Ma (Juri, Akuma)
  8. XSK Samurai (Ryu)
  9. Alex Valle (Ryu)
  10. Air (Ryu)
  11. Mike Ross (E. Honda, Blanka)
  12. MashDatDP (Dictator)

Mad props to strider and juicebox for making top 3. Matches were dope. Bunch of sick mixups and mad stylin.Too bad eyeliner ricky took it :confused:


who was the 3rd?


no, this is the 3rd west coast warzone tournament


I was rooting for Abel, because Strider and Juicebox were the underdogs, but I found a newfound respect and hatred of Abel. The entire Grand Finals really did come down to him essentially flipping a coin and guessing right to stop Ricky’s relentless assault.


So… Abel being put into really shitty spots, and having the guess on defense… makes you hate Abel?


There was a LOT less guessing going on than you (or even Ricky, apparently) realize. Good shit to Strider for coming up with the tech to not HAVE to guess so much.

JBA and Strider played great. It was really good to see.

Still no major for Abel… but getting closer.


This. Welcome to SF4 DeathReaper



but congrats on getting 2nd Strider! good shit.


Yeah, holy shit at strider getting 2nd. I always new he was really good, but second at WCW 3, that’s beastly. I basically learned Abel from him over XBL when I played online, so it’s cool to see him do so well.


Strider is a beast - saw him take out Combofiend quite convincingly on stream. Good shit indeed.


yeah he forced combo to switch to makoto gs strider


good stuff strider
I’ve blocked grand finals from my memory :lol:

I really love seeing abel 2nd and 3rd!!


My thoughts were like… man if Juicebox doesn’t beat Ricky, then Strider is gonna have a hard time focusing with all that pressure, but no he clutched it out til the very end… Both Abels are top notch and different styles, great stuff both of you and would like to see you guys work together to level up to the next VIP level.

I guess now Strider will disappear and only drop in every once in a while just like Juicebox does since they are both in the wall of SSF4 fame, same pattern everytime. HAV is the only top player that consistently sticks with us no matter what the situation. I love you guys… runs off crying :wink:


I’m not a top player :rofl:

I’ve scrubbed out at the last few majors :sad:

I gotta make top 8 at Winter Brawl, or they’re gonna close my thread!

EDIT- Although… I did win a tournament this past weekend. These other Abels scrubbed it up in 2nd and 3rd place. Obviously, that makes me #1 Abel.



Thanks for the props, WCW3 was stacked to the teeth and my bracket was even worse. Somehow I managed to press a couple buttons here and there and it seemed to work :rofl:

And no, I’m not just gonna disappear, I’ll be around (I’m usually trolling around while at work). I don’t post much because most of the questions people ask have been answered 20 pages ago. I don’t think there’s much information to spread now, pretty much everything that people need to know about the character has been discovered and is somewhere in these forums, just gotta look.

I’ll be around and I’ll answer really specific questions that people ask, not the generic “OMFG wtf do I do vs boxer?!!” or " whats the best mixup I can do after ___ that rapes every character frayyyyyy".

Utah will probably rep Final Round, don’t know for sure, but if we do I plan on playing a couple of you EC peeps that I don’t really get a chance to play due to distance.


Fuck you niggas for me not being able to argue ‘Abel ain’t that broken if he was he would be placing at loads of majors’

Nah I’m playing good shit Strider and JBA


major props to juicebox and strider. i lol’d at rickys final comment about abel being a dumb mixup character ( he is) but so is rufus… as well as is my main ibuki. there all dumb mixup characters (that are hella fun) but calling abel out as somehow more retarded is BS.

i liked how strider backed off at the beginning of each round versus ricky. extremely good strategy, i was wondering why juicebox didnt make that adjustment, but meh its good to see some abels go so far in a big tourny and prove how good the character can be played. i enjoyed the hell out of seeing abel beat up on rufus even if it was somewhat rare.

strider coming in with the oldschool roll reset juggle mixups was a real treat as well, havent seen those in forever. GOOD STUFF.



Ricky actually said that? stfu sounds like somebody god mad salty because he legitimately lost the first match


Congrats Strider + Juicebox for making top 3! Way to represent your skill and Abel’s potential!


lol @ dumb mixup character


any videos? or any info on who took out who? i missed the event, sleeping, due to crappy timezones