Westcoast Warzone II HDR Tournament - Singles or Team (2v2) Tournament? Vote now!


Hey everyone.

Tepplin, the tournament director says if the HDR community wants to change the HDR tourney from Team Tourney to Singles he’ll be happy to do it for us.


I’m going to send him the link to this thread so he can keep track of the results.

I’m all for a singles tournament. Team tournaments are fun and all, but it’s a little bit of a pain worrying if your partner is going to show up or not. If life gets in the way and one person can’t make it, then the other person ends up getting screwed.

So please support a singles tourney!

And please come out and show your support. Yeah stuff happened last year, but Tepplin says things will be better this year!


I didn’t really go last time or anything, but what’s the feasibility of having both, or having teams as a side tournament or something?


I can’t really vote since I won’t be there, but I philosophically support singles tourneys over team tourneys in general. Less of a logistical hassle, less chance to get stranded alone, less of a test of who your friends are, and more of an actual test of skill.

Of course, having a team tourney in addition to a singles tourney is fine if you can manage it.


Maybe if someone was willing to run it.

I guess it would depend on what monitors are available, or how hectic things will be.

It would be great if we could do both, but if we have to select one I would choose singles.


both is a bad idea. its hard enough to do either.

anywho this is a terrible place to ask a wcw question

this thread should be in pac south


Didn’t the HDR event not go well last year? Or there was some tournament recently where HDR didn’t even get played, thought a fair amount of ppl showed up to paly. I hope if it is a WCWZ it gets played.


Maybe so, but I think the thread being here will give it more exposure since the HDR players will eventually visit here. Plus anyone could fly over and attend if they were interested in playing HDR as well as SF4, T6, etc.

Yeah, it didn’t go well last year. From what I gathered, they were allowing last minute registration for SF4 and they received more numbers than expected, so they spent the majority of the day knocking out SF4 on top of the other games in the tourney.

And so HDR didn’t get started until about 11:00 P.M. A few teams like Milo were tired of waiting and I don’t blame them.

The first day they used for the pool party, so the second day they crammed EVERYTHING in one day. The third day was top 8 in each game. Maybe if they used the first day to knock out games/registration instead of the pool party, then things would have ran much smoother.

It was a learning experience for them seeing it was their first tournament and I do believe it will be a whole lot better this time.

The tourney your talking about that HDR didn’t get played is the Activegamers tourneys. I think DGV, Afrolegends, and maybe a few others were the only one that went. According to James Chen, they didn’t even hold a tourney and didn’t give any heads up. James says it was a good thing people didn’t show up or else everyone would have been pissed.


I guess we no longer need the poll.

Kai says HDR willl officially be a singles tourney!

Get hype! :woot:


I have not played in a while, but I will definitely be motivated to attend this. Hopefully, I can knock off the rust and not embarrass myself, lol.


ROFL! You’ll own even with the rust.


I’ll be there, thanks getting the hype for the singles Aqua Snake!!!

P.S. Afro knock that rust off cause I’m coming for you :wink: no homo lol


Registered and booked my hotel today!


Just registered. I hope to meet some of the socal greats that weekend.


It’d probably be worth it to fly down and see you surprise everyone again by beating wong and surprising choi lol.

Seriously though I want to go :frowning:


Rust? lol I know you’re not rusty with Ryu ('nuff said). Although it’s been a long while since anybody online seen you using Rog or Dee Jay. Will they make a debut again online please? lol