Western Canadian Championships 2 -- Edmonton, Alberta -- 03/14-15/09

This series of tournaments is intended for Canadians living in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Players from Eastern Canada, the territories, and the United States are more than welcome to attend. The dates for this event were established months ago and not intended to coincide with Final Round, but I don’t believe anyone would have been interested in attending both events anyway.

Location: 13223 62 St NW, Edmonton. [media=youtube]I3EYh3qE9iI"[/media]

One of our flyers: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/1100/wcc2poster.png

Tournament trailer: [media=youtube]e99OAKUq4nA[/media]

Projected attendance: 80-100 Canucks.

Games: SFIV, STHD, TvC, MvC2, T5DR, GGAC, 3S, CvS2, SSBB, and XSF.
** Soul Calibur 4 and DDR (you heard me) will be “side” games based on availability of equipment. **

Onsite Fee: $10 for access to the building for the weekend. This will be used to cover expenses and bolster pot size. Participants are responsible for keeping the sticker given to them for both days as proof of payment.

Tournament Fee: $10 singles, $15 teams (3 people x $5).

We will have access to the hall at 5pm on Friday, March 13 to set up the equipment. Casuals may occur when we are finished.

Schedule for both days by game (Saturday teams, Sunday singles):

3S ------- Signups 11am, Tournament starts at 12pm. 3 PS2 setups.
GGAC: – Signups 11am, Tournament starts at 12pm. 3 PS2 setups.
Brawl: – Signups 11am, Tournament starts at 12pm. 2 Wii setups.
T5DR: — Signups 1pm, Tournament starts at 1pm. 2 PS3 setups.
SFIV: ---- Signups 2pm, Tournament starts at 3pm. 5 PS3 setups.
CvS2: — Signups 2pm, Tournament starts at 3pm. 3 PS2 setups.
MvC2: — Signups 3pm, Tournament starts at 4pm. 1 DC setup.
XSF: ----- Signups 3pm, Tournament starts at 4pm. 1 PC setup.
TvC: ----- Signups 3pm, Tournament starts at 4pm. 2 Wii setups.
HDR: ----- Signups 7pm, Tournament starts at 8pm. 4 PS3 setups.
SC4: ----- TBA
DDR: ----- TBA

General Tournament Format and Rules:

-DO NOT BE LATE. We cannot accept entries for a tournament after it has already begun. We’ll start accepting entries 1 hour before the tournament is scheduled to begin.
-If you are not present for a tournament match within 3 minutes of being called, you are disqualified. Exceptions include playing a match in another tournament (NOT CASUALS) and taking an emergency dump in the washroom.

-If you behave in a manner that threatens the safety of other players, you will be removed without refund.
-If you are caught stealing sticks or other equipment, you will be banned for life and called out publicly.
-“Two-player tournaments” are NOT the responsibility of WCC2. If someone doesn’t pay up, it’s not our problem… but see two lines up.

-Players will be seeded by region. This includes non-Alberta provinces, Calgary, Hobbema, and “factions” within Edmonton. Otherwise, placements will be random. If scrubydan and I end up playing each other first, for example, sucks to be me.

-Double Elimination, best-of-3 sets, best-of-5 bracket finals, best-of-7 grand finals.
-The winner of a match must retain his/her character/team in the following match.
-Players may opt for blind select before entering the select screen.
-Players are responsible for configuring their inputs before beginning a match/set. If reconfiguration at the beginning of Round 1 is necessary, the players will reset to the select screen and pick the same characters.
-Team tournaments will follow the standard last-man-standing format.
-In-game button-mapping is permitted (PPP is okay, but autofire or special move macros are not) except for XSF.
-Pot distribution will be 70/20/10. Winners of singles tournaments also receive a trophy!

-Rules for Capcom games will be consistent with Evolution. SFIV Seth/Gouken and STHD Akuma are legal.
-Rules for Brawl TBA.
-Rules for other non-Capcom games will follow tournament standards set throughout the continent.


Ack. No CvS2? Booo erns! :razzy:

Oh wells. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up play.

I want to run it, but it’s so long and unfeasible. lol. We’ll see how things pan out, you never know. Side tourney and shit. :rock:

Theres atleast 3 of us coming from Winnipeg to this. I’ve already talked to Paul and will be supplying some equipment. I’m really looking forward to this and meeting more people.

Any chance on us getting some kind of housing? If thats not possible would someone look into some hotel prices by the venue for us?

How are you advertising for this? Do you need people to put up posters or anything?

The poster should be designed and ready to be distributed some time in the next couple weeks.

I hope so, because this even is like 7 weeks away. Get to it! haha. :rofl:

what paul means is YES WE WOULD LIKE YOUR HELP SIR

Also we need to change some of the times here on that list

i want brawl or melee or w.e one of them stupid games to go first
tekken tvc mvc2 and games like that run super fast

I can see sf4 going down at 4pm and needing atleast 4-6 tv’s/ps3’s going on with it.

we’re looking to get 40 people just for that game

and 30 for ggxxx ac

I’m going to Suggest we do it like this

You’re missing STHD in the schedule.

Cool, I would definitely be down for putting up posters around the university area seeing as I am there pretty much every day.

Clearly the schedule and formats are a work in progress. BTW Steve, you have 3S and XSF listed under both Official and Side tournaments.

well sorry people, i threw it together as quick as i could lol

i just said this in the other forum but is it possible to change the t5dr teams to 3v3 instead of 2v2? I find 3v3 more exciting for t5dr because i like watching the SBO tekken vids.

Done and done. We’re flexible mofos.

Sounds awesome! :smile:

awesome thxman. now im really looking forward to this lol

I purchased a DVD recorder yesterday. We’ll have access to as many as 3 DVD recorders for WCC2 along with a few camcorders. At first there were problems with lag, but using splitters will fix that.

Also bump.

This event needs more hype.