Western Canadian Championships 2 Results


Mvc2 Singles (15)

1st) Mephisto
2nd) DeadlikeLatin
3rd) Raz
4th) Pyro
5th) Shiro420/AznSkater

SF4 Singles (44)

1st) Soooo scrubby danny
2nd) Edmond
3rd) Ken
4th) Vesper
5th) Jinrai/Bokchoy
7th) Deadlike Latin/Nyo
9th) Stever/Norman/Dave/Mix<--------- WTF???
13th) Off Beat/Mephisto/Sergio/Will

CvS2 singles
1st) Lee
2nd) Virus
3rd) Bokchoy
4th) Jinrai

Cvs2 Teams (7)
1st) MJ/Deadweight
2nd) Lee/Calvin
3rd) Bokchoy/Mini Bok
4th) Tim/Neal
5th) Kevin/Dan) Daltron/Mix Blender

SF4 Teams (15)
1st) Scrubby Dan/Mephisto
2nd) Vesper/Bokchoy
3rd) Ken/Edmond
4th) Jinrai/Shiro420
5th) Jpez team) Lee’s team

3s Teams (8)
1st) Team Wezly
2nd) Normans Team
3rd) Shiro420/Jinrai
4th) Chan Arcade

Mvc2 Teams (9)
1st) Mephisto/Vesper
2nd) Raz/Pyro
3rd) Lee/???
4th) Dark renagade/Astral
5th Zac team) Shane’s Team

This tournament was pretty fucking sick, the only thing that sucked was Haseo and his gg buddies and the other gg players not showing up. I guess that just goes to show you that some people are just retarted when it comes to keeping their word. Heh who knew?

MJ Landed no less than 1000 Raging raging demon in the SF4 tournament.

I do remember when I told him that if he won the cvs2 team tournament, he’d get a grape pop. I never seen someone play so hard and so… RANDOM in my whole life! No one was messing with jackson when he had the purple drink in his mindset. So sorry to Calvin, but the unstoppable Lee can’t contend with the Grape pop prize for Michael Fucking Jackson! When I seen Lee on the train today I asked him how he felt about facing Jackson in the grand finals he asked me “What was it that made him play so hard” i could only reply with… Dude it was the grape pop. He then replied "Dude wtf thats like giving him a sensu bean!

Dark Renagade did become the new champion of Western Canada for x-men vs street fighter in an intense 1000 man tournament… He was quite happy to recieve his wolverine! Astral then stole his toy from him and made a quick dash for his cab and stole the trophy from him. Shadow_Blade_OG then money mathed for it and lost ALLL THAT MONEY!

Scrubby Dan won the fucking sf4 tournament (gee didn’t see that coming) it wasgreat having him come down to Edmonon and repping Van. It was freat to have so many people attend this event and show their support to this community. Thanks to all of you guys and see you next year.

In other news James jones DOES plan on going to “So you think you can dance Canada this year”

PS Special thanks to Delton,Kevin,Jinrai and Calvin for helping me make this thing go down, couldn’t have done it with out you.


A few corrections:

  1. Off Beat/Mephisto/Sergio/Will = 13th place

  2. CvS2 singles: Lee, Virus, Bokchoy, Jinrai

  3. In addition to just ScrubbyDan: Ken, Edmund, Alex represented BC. Norman represented SK. Stefan, Duong and Matt represented MB. Razor and virus represented Calgary. Thanks for coming.

  4. OMG!!! Spell my name right!! Bokchoy, not Bok Choi. Kevin, not Kevni.


Simmer down Kevni, i think i may have some Bok Choi tomorrow at Dim Sum.




ma fuckin rights best in western canada biiiiatch

gg’s to everyone, wish there was more marvel!

shout out to Raz, don’t worry i wont talk about marvel with you =p


Who is Mic Blender?

was the the MC of the evening with the whiney voice?


wasnt pyro from calgary also.

5-man tekken tournament results:
1st Smozzler
2nd Lazy
3rd Virus
4th Shane
5th Steffan


Oh Tekken. LOL

And how did Shiro screw up spelling my name too?
Shiro needs to stop buying joysticks and invest on some Hooked On Phonics.


Well if you have a problem with my post in make your own thread and post your own results. I can’t spell that good get over it. I’m getting really sick of your shit


Dude calm down. Delton was just kidding.


isnt there spellcheck on the internox?


Delton isn’t that good at manners, or being original, or anything, aside from playing beatmania in his underwear.

Don’t take what he has to say seriously. and don’t talk after, or he’ll finish your sentance


Well this shoutout has been long over due but I had to get back up to speed this week.

First i’d like to think Paul for going out of his way and picking me up so early on Friday morning. I enjoyed spending Firday with you helping you with your errands and such. Its was nice to finally meet you as well as play you. I respect you and your efforts with the highest regards. :tup:

Shiro it was nice to finally meet you as well after only conversing over msn. We’ll have to hook up again next time I am there.

Shoutouts to Bokchoy for driving us around post tournament. Good shooting to shit with you. You’re too funny! Watch out for women and children on those roads. Sooner or later you will lose in chicken. Balrog is too nasty.

Calvin, thanks for taking us to the airport and kicking it with us. Definately good times. I wish we could’ve stayed longer. We’ll talk later about TST you gotta make it out.

ScrubyDAN, Edmund, and Ken: You guys really opened my eyes as well as i’m sure many others this tourney. Definately humbled by your competition. It was great to meet you guys and thanks for all the tips. I wish I had more time to watch/play with you guys, I learnt so much! Highest regards!

Winnipeg crew, you know what it is! Good times as always. I’m gonna have to make more frequent trips out there to kick it. Eventhough I hate you all for hating on Regina.

To the rest of the Edmonton crew and other gamers, it was a pleasure to meet/play you all! You guys really made the best of what started out as a not so smooth tournament. You guys are all really chill! Good times at Bps and Dennys. Except for Bockchoy almost getting Dalton raped. But hey :hitit: I love titays!

Everyone feel free to hit me up on SRK, PSN, XBL, and MSN. My gamertags are posted and msn norman_tkd@hotmail. Keep in touch, it gets really boring here in Regina playing the cpu! Also don’t shy away from online play ppl, embrace it! Thats the only way ppl like myself get to play other ppl. Hit me up on GGPO, XBL, PSN!!!

I guess thats all I got. Once again props and thanks to everyone for a great weekend! :smile:


thanks for hosting i was there for day 1 team