Western Mass Impact in Holyoke! Hosted by TNT pizza and ph0enix Ivan!


Hey guys, me and Ivan spoke after the first (and extremely successful) gathering at TNT pizza for “Western Mass Impact” and I would like to help in spreading the word. I decided it’s about time for a new thread so it’s two birds in one stone. Also I just want to do my part to expand on something we have all wanted here in Western MA: A place where we can all comfortably play a variety of games.

Here’s the address for anyone who wants to attend the next event!
[LEFT][SIZE=5][FONT=arial black]548 South Street, Holyoke, MA 01040[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
It’s looking like Ivan would like to host every Wednesday from 4pm to 2am, with every other week being hosted on Sunday for tournaments. The schedule is being finalized still but until Ivan decides when tournaments will come into play, it looks like it will just be open fight nights on Wednesdays (or at least that seems to be the plan, I will update the thread as soon as I get word from Ivan).

In addition to all of this, you can expect great service, excellent food and beer served through the duration of the event! There are plenty of setups and we will be streaming.

Fighting gamers are all invited, we hope to see more people join what was already a jam packed session of gaming.
Currently playing SC5, AE ver. 2012, MK9, KoFXIII and UMvC3!

Springfield, MA - Tournament Saturday, April 13 at 1:00pm




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Just want to mention that I have created the exact thread on every major fighter website except TZ. (Dream Cancel, 8WR, TYM) so if you have an account on those websites remember to endorse the thread as the new hub for western MA. The more exposure the better.


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Hey everyone, Names Anthony, local to Western MA; new to the fighting syndicate. Working with Phoenix to ensure that IMPACT can become a regular thing; still learning the games; I’m more his “Marketing” dude. Really apprecaite all the support behind this, our end goals will be to open a monthly sanctioned tournament location, (Event room rental at local hotel) if the Wednesday sessions are popular enough, this will be a definite, and will be funded by the Wednesday sessions. I’ve already contacted Atlus, Namco, and a few other companies who are getting back to me with statistics they need on the events to host sponsored tournaments.

Just wanted to let folks know we’ll have a few extra setups this week, to try to bring in some new scenes. We’re trying to get a copy of SSB:Brawl just for a good time, and will have an extra dedicated setup for KOF 13 thanks to one generous player who offered to bring a setup to ensure there was enough for the KoF Scene.

tl;dr you guys rock, my names Anthony, IMPACT is going to be huge, Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning some new tricks.