Western PA Tourneys?

I know that this forum is meant to advertise tournaments but I couldn’t think of another forum that would be more appropriate. I live in western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh to be precise, and was wondering if anyone out there knows of any fighting game tournaments that are held in the western half of the state? I know that University Pinball in Philadelphia always has tournaments but I don’t really feel like driving across the state to attend a tournament in Philly. Just curious if any tourneys go down on my side of the state.

Well I use to be from Pittsburgh and the only yearly game tourney they have there is at the Tekkoshocon anime convention each year (http://www.tekkoshocon.com/), but don’t go in expecting to much competition. In the past years I was there they had Smash, MvC2, and Tekken tournies. If you don’t mind making that far of a drive they usually have the yearly Seasons Beatings out in Ohio which is well worth it especially if you’re a MvC2 player.

Up until recently the Cyberconnection used to hold tournaments for various games every weekend. They have had Guitar Hero and Smash Brothers Melee/Brawl, for example… sadly they went under a few months ago.