Western Rls VS Japan Rls


what you ppl prefer between an US rls and a JP rls of the same game despite their price?
I won’t mention Pal editions since most of you are from US,and this thread does not concern games that have not been released in US/CANADA yet (ex. TvC for Wii).
To me, it’ s the same, most of the time artworks on the jp rls are better than american ones or westerns in general… then there is the language issue but come on… who cares about that in a fighting game? :lol:


I perfer Japanese releases because I have japanese systems.

Likewise, when I was a kid, I liked American releases better because I had American systems.

Pretty easy to understand imo.


Uhh…what? If we’re talking about the 80’s/early 90’s sure. But nowadays, they’re pretty much the same in both releases, if it’s a game from Japan it’ll have the same art in it’s English localization and vice versa.

As for buying game releases: If the game will be localized in English, I’ll get that. If it’s Japan only, I’ll get the import.

Simple as that.


Japanese version because of Japanese systems.


Usually japanese releases because I get to play the game earlier.


well not every rlses have the same cover, just look at SF Zero Anthology, the western one is ugly, the jap is gorgeous
but u’re right some of them are quite the same…but i prefer asian characters on them :rofl: