Western Washington Thread

I know there are other segments of washington gamer threads thrown around at random - but as far as I saw there was no central “everything that’s western washington goes here” thread - so I’ll make one.

I’m very new to the 2d fighter universe - but I’m going to be massively active in SFIV as soon as I can get my hands on it - I’m a tournament host and a high level melee player - so i have lots of experience in tournament organizing as well as in high level gaming - I’m not going to have stupid scrubby rulesets or anything like that - some of you might already know who I am.

In any case - I’ll be starting to host tournaments and get togethers for the overall improvement of the community starting fairly soon - I’ll likely have monthly tournaments which I can record and upload (my youtube is all gaming videos and i have over 6,000 subscribers if you’re looking to get your name out there that is a great way to do it)

So - I’d like to start up a “player finder” of sorts here - if you’re interested in almost constant tournaments in the seattle area (i myself am in shoreline) than please let me know here - and post what games you play and would be interested in attending tournaments for (i’m down to host for games i don’t play obviously - so ST or HDRemix are fine by me)

I’ll start the list

Gamer Tag:
Shoreline, WA
(soon anyways)

hopefully I’ll be meeting you all very soon n_n

I also have a bunch of “pot filling” friends who think they are good and would be fun for everyone to destroy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Gimpy. I’ve heard of you in smash, and thats saying a lot from me. Didn’t know you were from Seattle.

I’ve seen you on the smash forums as well…You should start out by heading to Zach’s as that has been our central gaming place for the past few years.

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