Western Wisconsin Players answers the call

well, since there isnt one for us i’ll start one. so much talk about Mn, Eastern WI and IL and where are we? well western wisconsin is here and we are here to play!:rock: we play also of fighters here and are wiling to play anyone we arent the best but we’ll give u a challenge…

Games we play are Street fighter 3 3rd strike, Street fighter 4, tekken 5 DR, a little VR 5

You’re saying “we” a lot. That means you have players? If so, depending how west you are, I’d be more than happy to show up since I’m kind of between a few midwest scenes. Scrubbing it out in VF sounds quite interesting. :tup:

If that isn’t the case, and your looking for actual players, then good luck dude. Just try not to spam up the midwest forum though. ; )

I will give you mighty challenge.

lol ok we have one dude that plays that game…he keeps telling me to get into it and…telle me wait til remix comes out i’ll see… i never liked it cause the fact that i play Tekken more i just cant get into it… dont get me wrong the game looks good anad look challenging

I prefer Tekken as well, especially if we’re talking about Tekken 6, but I’m down to play pretty much any game.

Where do you guys play anyway?


I thought this is what the WI thread is for. =\

True. I guess he wants more “local” competition or something.

LOL @ your PS3 tag. Do you get shit for that?