WEVO results thread (Milwaukee 07-06-2010)

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

Winner - SRWPyrit (Best TvC Player in Wisconsin) - 2 points
Runner Up - Footmeetsskull (2nd best TvC Player in Wisconsin) - 1 point

Prize : Bat accessory for the wiimote

Super Street Fighter 4

Winner - Madwak (Finally made it through a SF4 tournament without choking) - 2 points
Runner Up - Price (Had to explain for the 100th time how he can keep a charge on Blanka ball even though he was hopping back and forth with blanka) - 1 point

Prize : A box of mashed potatos for mashing out reversals and spds

Melty Blood Actress Again

Winner - Syxx (Swears he doesn’t watch anime) - 2 points
Runner Up - Madwak (I haven’t been playing this game but can still do 4K damage combos) - 1 point

Prize : Anime figures of Rock Lee and Millia Rage

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Winner - Madwak (Had to bust out MSS when Gambit/Sakura/IM just wasn’t working out) - 2 points
Runner Up - Syxx (Team CMT) - 1 point

Prize : A can of pringles, but I don’t really understand the connection here

Tekken 6

Winner - Zack (IS IT TIME FOR TEKKEN YET???) - 2 points
Runner Up - Syxx (Can’t hit diagonals on a fight pad) - 1 point

Prize : I forgot

SF2 HD Remix

Winner - Munn3y (Doesn’t need fierce punch to win) - 2 points
Runner Up - Syxx (Reversal cannon drills are not good to use) - 1 point

Prize : A can of Spam for all the fireball spam in that game. There’s nothing I can do since I never learned how to hit up forward.

Tie breaker game : Street Fighter 3 : 3S

Syxx beats Madwak 2-1.

Point totals:

Syxx - 6 points
Madwak - 5 points
SRWPyrit - 2 points
Zack - 2 points
Munn3y - 2 points
Footmeetsskull - 1 point
Price - 1 point

Thanks again Jerry for having us all over. The turn out was great this time, I think I counted about 15 or 16 people total. Also thanks for bringing the ice tea when shit got really hot up in there it helped a lot. So did the booze.

Also thanks a million to cCrlos for bringing the game prizes, that was a totally awesome idea. I’m glad you got the spirit of the tournament and hope you had a good time.

Thanks again to everyone who brought setups and fans, and hope to see everyone back at the next fight night. We’ll probably do another tournament event some time but maybe after a little bit. Hope everyone had fun.

WHY YOU DO DIS?! Haha. I had a great time last night. Good to see everyone come out even though it was so ridiculously hot. Hope everyone enjoyed their prizes!:rofl:

Sorry I had to bail out. I would have lost HDR anyway.

Jerry’s house was 100% dude stank. Phew! (not complaining, we’re all greatful for him letting us come over and everything, just saying) Can’t wait for the new place so we can make room for everybody!

Maybe i can play Super and 3S before next tuesday. Want some more matches against carlos’ gief. I choked badly!

Mashing is definitely a strategy to win

It is all part of the game. Spin that stick and mash jab during the hard links.