WGG! SF4 tournament, Mississauga Ontario, September 26

WGG! is a LAN centre at Dixie Mall ( 1250 South Service Rd) in Mississauga known for their Halo 3 and to a lesser extent, their Cod4 tournaments.

But on the 26th, they’re hosting their first ever SF4 tournament. I asked the owner of the place if I could advertise here on SRK and he said yeah.

DATE: September 2006

LOCATION: Mississauga, Ontario. Dixie Mall (1250 South Service Rd)


SIDE TOURNAMENTS: n/a, but they have 30 TV’s, so you could probably set up your own shit.

PRIZE DISTRIBUTION: Unsure, I’ll update you on this when I ask the director. The only knowledge I know is that there is no fixed amount, the prize all depends on attendance.

SCHEDULE: unsure, i’ll update.

Game name (console name): Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360, i know this is gonna turn people off lol)
$20 entry fee
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

SITE FEE (if applicable): none

DIRECTORS: Dave Miller (not me)

Alright everyone, so the guy who’s organizing it wants everyone who plans on attending to join this facebook group. He’s stressing the importance of the group so he knows how many people are coming.


Theres this player named Gerjay. He should be banned from this event.

Seconded. He’s known to do some seriously low shit.

Don’t listen to them!!

I dunno man, I heard on the streets you do cheap shit like play to win.

edit: so who’s coming? apparantly they gave $700 to the winner at their last halo tournament, so it’s all about the attendance.

lol, gs, thsi guy is immune to trolling.

so you don’t deny this low shit?


+1 vote for me

Seriously. I agree.

Sometimes this Gerjay player will make you block a light punch and then throw you! Even if you are blocking!

And then if you are low on health, he will perform his Ultra combo move and you will die … even if you are blocking!

How cheap is that right!?? Even if you have the best defense blocking, you still die!

If you don’t believe me then check out this thread for everyone else who knows about these cheap SF4 tactics!!!

everyone aboard the SF4 train!

Finally a tournament that I can play casuals at?!?!

Why is the entry $20? You should reconsider and make it $5 or else all the top players will go to Fan Expo tournament to play Ando from Heroes.

Also, $20 dollars is way too high an entry fee for Jewish born Koreans.

I know this isn’t your tournament per se but you claimed responsibility as soon as you posted the thread.

Can you clairify / confirm the following (by replying and also updating the first post):

Change “No Banned Charaacters” is not very clear. “All Characters Allowed” is better.

$20 entry fee.

Where is this fee going?
How much of it is going to the pot?
How much will the prizes be?
How will the prizes be distrubuted?

What system is this for?
Will all the systems have all the characters unlocked and playable?
Will joysticks be provided? If so, what kind?


plz read this thread before posting tournaments and events


alright i did, and i updated it with that format.
as for prize money, I still need to talk to the guy hosting it.

If the owner needs any help on figuring things out I don’t mind assisting or consulting on how things should be run. It would be a shame for something to go wrong and ignite a bad reputation with the players this early in the game for a place like this. I don’t live in Sauga but you guys need this.

PM me for my contact details.

If people are planning to attend and have Facebook take a second to follow the link and at least reply maybe with SFIV in your wall post. I’m sure witht this being the first time they’ll want a 1/2 decent number before fully committing to the event.

I’ll book this day off and show up.

STHD side tourney anyone?

Just got booked for on call that weekend. I won’t be able to make it. good hunting guys

I dont think anyone would be turn off by playing on the Xbox 360 for the sf4 tourney beside Mosh.

People would most likly be turn off by the $20 entry fee as most of the large attendes are the casuals players that just want to have fun and get better at the game. I think 20 entry fee will only attract the top gta players and it’ll only weed out the casuals players.

Yeah i’ll most likely show up to spectate.