"Whaaat!" Custom Fight Sticks


Letting these go for cheap right now. If you need any custom work done, hit me up!

Paewang PCB, dual mod
Ls58 Seimitsu stick
Seimitsu buttons

$200 plus shipping

Walnut Case
Paewang PCB Dual Mod
Sanwa JLF stick
Seimitsu buttons (smoke)

$230 plus shipping


These prices are cheap, got some new cases coming soon, let me know, I make customs all the time


all sold, new sticks coming soon…!!!


any examples of cases you can make?


yup, every post ive done in the stick thread, and the two above. I hand make each one for the customer, even press my own plastic molds.


ive got a couple new ones that will be posted soon, I make cases the way you want the shape you want, and the weight you want. :slight_smile:


any easier way of contacting you? I don’t check srk that often


whaaatcustomfightsticks on facebook