Whackjob kills abortion doctor in church, gets life. Said he was protecting unborn


If you look at the video, he says that he kill the doctor, but it wasn’t murder. Before his sentencing he went on a 45 minute tirade about God, the Bible, and abortion.

I know there are a lot of Christians on this forum, and I have to ask, how do you feel when some whack job does this kind of shit and thinks he’s righteous for doing it? The guy is fucking whacked. Hetold the court that if they had acted that he wouldn’t have shot the doctor.

Now, look, I know that there are nutjobs in every religion. I’m not religious myself, but I do wonder sometimes about the leaps of logic that are required that would cause such a hypocritical act like this one. Committing murder, which is against the ten commandments, just to “prevent the murder of children”. I guess anybody can twist religion into what they want it to be in order to excuse themselves from the heinous acts they’ve brought unto others.

Anyway, it’s late, but I saw this and I’m really curious what some of you have to say about a case like this. Let’s keep it civil, please.

To answer the real question, it’s ludicrous to blame this on religion. We see religious psychopaths commit murder far too often, and the fact that they’re psychopath takes a backseat to the fact that they’re religious, because…well…random idiots say “LOLOL THATS WHY THE WORLD IS BETTER W/O RELIGON”. I’d liken this case to the Muslim that shot up Fort Hood. How many times have we seen a guy get fired, go nuts and then shoot up his former workplace? Just because this one guy shouts “Allah Akbar” when he’s doing it doesn’t make him any more of a terrorist and doesn’t tie his crime to the Islamic faith.

We’ve seen plenty of crazies do this sort of thing because their mental illness compels them to. It’s just that in this case, the guy thought he was doing God’s will, rather than thinking “if I kill him, I will become him” or thinking that the government was beaming orders into his brain.

And no, I don’t think you’re going to see many Christians saying “he got what he had coming”. You know that.

the man was crazy and had screws loose. there is no religion in the world that condones what this man did, nor support it.

if only.


i was just reading bout this case a minute ago, and i completely agree with an idea ronin mentioned - the concept of “killing to save lives”. if no one sees the contradiction of this, well…

Video: Roeder’s ex: He’s dangerous

What a scoop!

You don’t have to be religious to think killing an abortion doctor saves the lives of unborn babies.

You just have to be crazy.


One of the main reasons these assholes do shit like this is because they think they get a prize after they die. Sure there are both religious and non-religious nut jobs but religion gives a huge incentive to act on it. Remember these people believe they will spend eternity in paradise for this shit. What does an atheist get for killing a guy in cold blood? Ass raping in prison for the rest of his existence.

“Good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things, but religion gets good people to do bad things.”

I understand the need to keep things fair and in perspective, but we can’t reasonably mitigate the religion factor. Its motivation for things like this is legendary, and after a basic study, stats would show that trying to say “every group has nutjobs” is absurdly missing the point.

I dunno if killing to save lives is that crazy. Contradictory I guess, but I think it has some merit.

He showed no remorse and still seems to believe what he did was right, why should a dangerous cold blooded murderer like that get any parole?

Should be either life with no parole or death sentence imo.


Or they get the love of Jodie Foster.

Or to stop an alien invasion.

Or so he can stop the secret transmissions that are telling him to do things.

Once again, crazy people killing people is going to happen. The fact that one of them says “it’s God’s will” is incidental, rather than actually being tied to religion in any direct way.

Tiller was one of the small handful of American doctors willing to do late-term abortions. He probably did save unborn babies, no matter how you shake it.

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I don’t know. How can a christian criticize him for doing what he felt was God’s will, because really, who can tell what god would want or not want? How do we know HE wasn’t closer to doing what god wanted than the more ‘normal’, everyday christians? It all seems a matter of personal preference to me, and the bible is big enough that you can find a passage to support all sorts of behavior. How can we tell the ‘real’ christians from the ‘fake’ ones?

are you serious. They have a pretty decent FAQ. It’s called the ten commandments.

thou shalt not kill…but what if it’s to save a life?
if you think babies are being murdered, would you pick up a gun to stop their murder?

This isn’t a t-mobile contract with clauses and exemptions. If you read what it says, and don’t follow it. That’s your choice, but you’re no longer following it. It’s that simple. There isn’t any ‘but’ in this situation. Whether or not you think your actions are justified is only something that comes into play after you’ve chosen to break the rule. Having a good reason for breaking it, doesn’t mean it’s magically no longer been broken.

ah, but is it ‘thou shalt not kill’ or is it ‘thou shalt not murder’? different religions have different interpretations. so which is it? was the abortion doctor committing murders too?

my point is that from a certain perspective, what he did made sense. if you really felt like babies were being murdered, you’d have to be one heck of a pacifist to refuse to take any action, wouldn’t you?

You’re about shoulder-deep on this reach, Weeks.

no reaching at all. if you really felt the bible was the word of god, then you’d want to obey it’s every word i assume.

If he was, it wouldn’t matter. Someone other persons actions really don’t have much to do with your personal responsibility. This kill and murder thing is only an issue when peopled tried to hash out the differences between hebrew secular law and the new religious law. One has clear priority over the other if you actually believe in this stuff.

What I personally feel about it doesn’t much impact my understanding of what it means to ‘break a rule’. These aren’t rules I even live by, considering I’m pretty ok with lust, etc.