What 360 pcb's work with dual setup?

The only one i know of is the madcatz 4716. Are there others?

You have the madcatz fight pad PCB which is your best bet. For the easy trigger connection it is well worth the extra $10 they cost. Also there is a retro stick, but the retro stick PCBs are failure prone.

Any 360 PCB that has a common ground will work (if the buttons are all there of course).

Which ones would they be? Specific serial or model #? I cant find any madcatz anywhere. Been looking for months :frowning:

This one (sorta hard to find cheap these days), this one, and this one are all common ground. Not sure how much international shipping would be, but gamingnow.net has the common ground 4716 available here.

The third one you linked, that is not Common Ground.
It has a Common Line, but it is not Ground.

See if anyone you know has busted up a Fightpad.

Aww dangit. That was the one I was GOING to use for a dual-mod. Thanks for the heads up :frowning:

So how would this work for a single mod, then? Is it just the triggers that I would have to worry about? It looks like all of the buttons have a common ground, but the triggers have their own.

Fight pad is without doubt the best pcb in my opinion. It’s pretty much plug and play, no extra work needed. The home signal is a bit small but that’s the only thing that might be difficult about it.

Also remember if you’re doing a dual mod with a ChImp, remember that it automatically does the trigger hack for you. So any other common ground pcb should be fine.

Yes, for a Single, then no problem.
Just keep the Trigger Ground separate from the Line of others.
And the Trigger Hack stuff.

If you want to Dual Mod using it, you have to turn it into Common Ground.
Do by Hex Inverter and Analog Switch, Optocoupler and Resistors, Transistor and Resistors, and what other ways.

Thanks, JDM! Probably gonna stick to the single-mod with this one, but it’s good to know what’s out there :slight_smile:

Can you use the Madcatz streetfighter 4 fightpad? I can get one of those :slight_smile:


That’s what everyone means above when they refer to fightpad. It’s common ground, reasonably priced, and no triggers to hack.

The MadCatz SE Stick is common ground and very easy to solder onto with 1/10" thru-hole stuff on the PCB and no analog anywhere. (I’d expect the same to be true for the TE stick.)

How bout the retro madcatz? will that work with a dual setup?

You know how how I only called out one of the links as being non-Common Ground?
That is because out of all the links in this Thread, only one is non-Common Ground.

That means whatever else was linked can be used.
And rtdzign mentioned something in his Post about the Mad Catz Retro.

Thank you :slight_smile: Ill grab the retro pcb for $25

EDIT: Thx for the pic and link. The one im buying is already wired up! bonus for me :slight_smile: But there is only 1 ground wire. Is that correct?

If you use that, you will need to do some Trigger work.


Is the Hori EX2 PCB common ground ? I couldn’t find any useful info on that one.

Is not.