''What a pain'' ~ The Absolute beginners thread

This thread is meant for people who are new to Viper. Chances are you’ve played other characters before your journey of street fighter led you to this complex character, so fundamental basics will not be explained here. I made this because I felt there are many people interested in her but have no clue on how to aproach and play her (much like myself when I first started).

C.Viper is probably the hardest character that has ever appeared in the series, but if you’re willing to put effort into her the payback will great and you put fire and lightning everywhere before you know it! Anyway, lets start off with the basics, what does she excel at and what are her weaknesses?

Strong points

  • Amazing mixup game due to feinting, overhead, superjumps etc.
  • Has the ability to stun opponents very quickly when you’re going bananas.
  • A very mobile character, thanks to her superjump she can flash all over the screen, walkspeed is good aswell.
  • Combos (especially advanced ones) look very flashy, fuck yeah!
  • Because she is so complex there is much to learn.

Weak points

  • Low stamina (900) means she can’t take much damage.
  • Advanced character, so when starting out you will lose alot (don’t worry though)
  • Has some annoying matchups such as E.Honda and Balrog (jabjabjab…).

So you have a fast, fragile character that can be very scary in the hands of a proper player that knows his stuff.
To me, the advantages outweigh the negative by far. You might be wondering allright that’s a nice list but where do I actually start?! I’ll tell you where, with basic combos. Here is a list of combos that are ‘easy’ if you’re new to Viper and will always be useful. Learn these well so you don’t look like a overly enthousiastic fool doing burn kicks out of nowhere!
One of the most important aspects of her game is feinting. You can feint a seismo hammer and thunderknuckle by doing one of those specials and quickly press the two other punch buttons simultanously for the feint. This may feel unnatural at first but with practice it will go smoother and smoother. It creates a nice psychological aspect to Viper’s game as opponents will become jumpy and never know what to expect from you. Watch out with feinting too much though, as feinting close to an opponent might result in a jump in and you’ll eat a combo.

‘Beginner Combos’

Basic BnB’s

  • c.mk/c.mp> mp thunderknuckle (180 damage/300 stun)
  • s.lk> s.lk> c.mp> mp thunderknuckle (172 damage/320 stun)
  • cr.lp> cr.lp> cr.mp> mp thunderknuckle (172 damage/320 stun)
  • Anti-air hp thunderknuckle x2 (140 damage/300 stun)
  • (EX) seismo> mp thunderknuckle (240 damage/300 stun)
  • (EX) seismo> sjc burnkick input down and then forward quickly to do a superjump cancel

These will do for now, and these will defnately suffice as long as you play it safe. Vipers specials are all very slow and have long start up, especially her seismo hammer. A regular seismo should only be used from full screen to punish fireballs (your seismo does more damage than a regular fireball!) or punish various other things. Her Ex seismo however is one of her best tools, it has invincibility frames on startup and cover 2/3 of the screen, so learn to use it well. An example would be a jump in combo: j.hp>s.hp>ex seismo> sjc burnkick. Her thunderknuckle is a very useful pressure tool, the lp version goes under fireballs if timed right and her BnB c.mk> mp thunderknucle is great for pressuring your opponent or punishing him up close.

You might have noticed I didn’t mention her Ultra yet. Hold your horses! Her Burst time (ultra 1) is a very strong and versatile (many combo possibilities) ultra. However, it is also a very dangerous ultra to use for the inexperienced Viper, because it requires quite abit of timing. To start of somewhat easy, practice these combos that lead into ultra:

corner only ultra combos

  • lk/mk/hk/ burnkick> ultra 1
  • ex seismo> sjc burnkick >ultra 1 can also be landed midscreen, requires late burnkick timing and whiffs on some chars
  • ex seismo> mp thunderknuckle> ultra1

midscreen ultra combos

  • ex seismo> ultra 1 must be next to/close to your opponent
  • ex seismo> sjc burnkick> ultra 1 not easy, still very important
  • ex seismo> FADC> ultra 1

After learning all of the above you should be able to compete pretty decently. Sure it might be hard sometimes and some matchups are kind of lame. But take consolation in the fact that yu’re playing with a rare character that few will actually know. Make sure to practice your basics frequently so you don’t get rusty.

Advanced techniques

Once you feel comfortable with her basics it’s time to up your game. Viper has a lot of advanced stuff that makes her the crazy character that she is. I’ll go through the most important ones here. Lets start off with:

Chaining Seismo’s

Chaining seismo’s means that you can do 3 seismo hammers in a row. This is useful for putting pressure on your opponent on wakeup (from fullscreen away etc.) and as a zoning tool to prevent shoto’s from firebaling you all the time (just an example). You chain seismo’s by doing a regular seismo (doesn’t matter which version) and immidiately after the first you repeat the seismo motion but you add :uf: (do this smoothly). If done correctly you will chain two seismo’s in a row! If done wrong or timed wrong you will superjump. This should probably be the first advanced technique you should attempt to master.

Instant burning kicks

Another important technique to master. Once learned you can crossup people up with a burnkick from the ground and do them really low to the ground. You can do a IBK (abbrevation!) by doing :uf: :r: :df: :d: :db: (this is how I do it)

If done correctly Viper will do a really low burnkick close to the ground. Now you’ve got that, let’s add a superjump to it. If you do a superjump and immidiately do the inputs for a instant burnkick you will be able to do a crossup burnkick. Once you get a feel for that you can do plenty of things with this. Such as doing a blockstring (s.lk s.lk mp mp tk comes to mind) and interrupt it a feint (hit mp and then feint the thunderknuckle) and do a sjc instant burnkick to cross them up!


The famous ‘fierce feint fierce’ technique. As he name alrady implies it is a hp (c.hp) a feint and another hp (c.hp). In which case, the last c.hp can be cancelled into ex seismo obviously. This is pretty much the ultimate Viper technique, but it is also a very hard one to do especially in the heat of battle.

Here is a video of how it should look with the inputs: [media=youtube]Fg9Geg_gF20&feature=related[/media]

In this thread (made by poster of the above video) he also explains the inputs in detail and some questions regarding FFF are answered:


Anyway, I think this vid can explain her advanced techniques better and clearer than I ever could, it also shows alot of examples for mixups and such:



Mix-ups are a big part of C.vipers game and a good Viper will use them alot to keep opponents on their toes and never knowing what to expect. They can also serve as bait by something NOT doing a mixup when your opponent expects it, causing them to whiff their reversal or whatever.

here is a list of standard mix-ups (that incorporate feints) that have proven to be useful:

  • c.mk> TK feint (for baiting purposes)
  • c.mk> TK feint> f.mp (overhead)
  • c.mk> TK feint> c.mk> mp TK
  • c.mk> TK feint> dash into throw
  • c.mk> TK feint> sjc burnkick (crossup burnkick)
  • c.mk> TK feint> s.hk

You do not necessarily have to start these with c.mk. You do not need feints to mix-up but it allows for much more intensive mix-up games and is generally just much more effective. Besides, it’s a great part of what makes Viper so much fun!

Nice thread, but i have a few things you might want to add to the tutorial :smiley:

  1. you just tell people to ex seismo > U1, but complete beginners probably dont know that they have to meterless FADC to do it.
  2. maybe you could add a bit about instant burning kicks?
  3. chaining multiple seismo’s (maybe you were planning that for another tutorial)

Well that’s it, and thanks for the tutorial :slight_smile:

up close the sjc fa isn’t requires for ex siesmo -> ultra

I mention specifically that chaining seismos and meterless fadc and all that jazz will not be discussed because it’s a total noob guide for people that are totally new to viper. They should first learn the basics before going to those advanced things, its very easy to get overwhelmed, I know I was.

My bad, I’m a viper noob myself but i didn’t know that was possible, thanks :smiley:

I don’t think EX BK leads to U1 in the corner? Could be wrong about that, not 100% sure.

I dont think ive ever seen a viper player do cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.mp xx mp thunder knuckle.

The more common BnB would be st.lk (or cr.lk), st.lk, cr.mp xx mp thunder knuckle. Not only is cr.mp easier to connect after st.lk but you also get more frame adv. on block allowing you to tick throw better.

I use it quite abit, also added yours.

I feel you should include TK burn kicks and instant super jump cancel burn kick. these are some of her bnb stuff imo.

Fix the font color, didn’t even know it was there lol

Cool stuff so far, hopefully this’ll get expanded.

any tips on instant burn kicks and negative edge FFF?

I’m new to viper but ill try to give my two cents:
for instant burn kicks I like to hold down (because when I dont its possible to get a super jump) and then go db,b, then either ub,u, or uf depending on what you’re trying to do. The up and up forward are harder because you need to be more precise with inputs.

With the FFF, some people say that it isn’t a good idea to negative edge it if you look around the forums so I always started off by doing it manually. First, start basic with fierce feint (hp, then hp tk, wait a little, then lp+mp). The fierce after is easy and then add either a mp tk or ex seismo combo.

Added a bunch of stuff on advanced techniques (with video reference, as they explain it alot better) and a list of mixups.

no setups for U2? is U1 more preferably used than it?

U1 is definately the way to go for me, and I’m sure most other Vipers.

U1 has far more combo possibilities than U2, so I would see hardly any reason to use her U2 to be honest.

yea, i made a thread about U2. sadly their are no really good setups for it…at least not yet anyways >.>’


yea, i made a thread about U2. sadly their are no really good setups for it…at least not yet anyways

oh shit double post sorry lol

iirc, viper can seismo chain up to 5 times? from point blank, 2 lp seismo, 2 mp seismo, 1 hp seismo. just putting that out there. also, it helps to input df, df, ub+(any punch) right when viper’s fist hits the ground.