What about arcade edition?

Sup fellas,

Am just wondering, since AE is out, will it be in evo2k11? Or will it be two separate tournaments for each version?
If there is no news about this, everyone can discuss here what would they prefer, AE tournament? Or ssfiv console tournament?


The games for evo haven’t been announced yet. We’ll know more and why once Wiz announces them.

I feel it would be a bit unfair to have AE at EVO, even if the DLC is out by then.
The Japan community has a much much stronger arcade scene than we have in the US, so even though we had the release too, the US hasn’t really gotten a chance to get good at the game.

I think its importantat because the US vs Japan rivalry is hotter than ever with all the crazy results we had last year.

I think if the game is on consoles by the time EVO comes around, we will probably see it in the lineup. Yeh people will be calling foul because more Japanese people have access to it but lets be serious. Many Americans have access to it also. All the big names have been logging time in on AE. Also Japanese players will be a minority at EVO. Look for the guys running EVO to come with the freshest title to headline with.

I thinking that as long as Arcade Edition DLC is out by a certain Deadline say 1-2 months before Evo, then it should be included, but if not out by a certain deadline then no. A month should be a reasonable enough prep time to adjust to nerfs and buffs for your character.

I’ll bet anybody who has a chance to beat a japanese player (say top 16 from Evo last year) has access to AE. So I’d say if the rivalry is your chief concern, I don’t think reverting back to a game most top players won’t be playing for the next 6 months is going to make things any better.

Im sure it will be at Evo if the DLC is released by then, I am sure Wiz has his contacts telling him the facts as we speak.

This is incorrect.

RyRy put Gamerbee in losers. He also put EdMa in losers. he lives in VA, about 2.5 hours from the nearest AE cabinet.

Wolfkrone lives in Detroit. He’s no where near an AE cabinet.

There are plenty of talented players who will be screwed by a late DLC and subsequent adoption by EVO.

2 months is ideal, 1 month is pushing it, especially for characters who were changed in major ways (Makoto, Dee jay, Gouken, Zangief)

I was generalizing. Still, the majority of top players are playing AE.

Spoken like a true Californian.

Get outta here with the “yeah well it’s not fair that we should play the current version of a game cause I haven’t played it.” I totally doubt that it will be at evo but if it is, babies need to deal

Look at it this way. There were people complaining that they wouldn’t have enough time to get good at SSFIV when was released on console last year. Clearly that didn’t hinder the competition. I say if AE’s announced for Evo tomorrow, take that as a sign that they’ll have a release date for the console update. Everybody wins.

So was it confirmed no AE or are they leaving it open if the DLC is released?

Yup that was what they said. they are leaving it open. if the DLC comes out before june 1st then it will be SSFIVAE if not then SSFIV

Yup that was what they said. they are leaving it open. if the DLC comes out before june 1st then it will be SSFIVAE if not then SSFIV

Guessing 3 months after MVC3? So Big chance of that happening

lol so fucking true