What about fei long is hard to play?

i’ve been playing fei long for about 2 month now, i’m mediocre-decent, i have 3700 pp and 12000 bp and i read people here saying fei long is a hard character to play

i don’t really find fei long hard to play, his offense is very straight forward and you don’t have to think about zoning much at all in comparison to other characters. with most characters you have to think “ok what distance am i at to do this move” but with fei i find pretty much any distance is fine to poke with rekkas/ and then youre in to do damage with his amazing normals and more rekkas.

my main is guy. guy is very hard to play. his combos are very distance and character specific. his wakeup and okizeme options are varied in almost every situation and it takes a long time to know what you can do in every situation. with fei long on wakeup and okizeme it’s very easy to know what you can do. fei long’s combos are also very straightforward. theyre crouching? cr lk, cr lk, cr lp, rekka. vega and c. viper are also characters i would consider hard to play.

fei long is basically a shoto with chicken wing instead of tatsu. and rekkas are WAY easier to use than fireballs. fei long is the most braindead character i’ve ever used. what about fei long do you consider “hard”??

what about fei long makes him hard to play?

he’s not. also please don’t judge your skill based on points.

Sounds like you don’t actually play Fei Long.

ehm, why not? That combo does work…sure, it’s a 1 frame link, but it’s not a difficult one…it’s like ryu linking sweep from a c.lp…that’s very rhytmical which makes it pretty easy…and even if you fuck up you’re safe after the first rekka.

I’m not gonna say that fei long is braindead, there are FAR easier characters, but i wouldn’t also go as far as saying that he’s is HARD to use.


Nothing. Ibuki is hard to use. Fei is easy to use. Still easy to use =/= braindead character. You can never go on autopilot with Fei.

I chose to main him because he had the only fun moveset out of the 25 SF4-characters (this changed with SSF4 adding Ibuki, Dudley, Cody, Guy and Adon) and because he was my favorite SF character since SSF2T.

Interesting, so you got 10,000BP in the first day of playing him 3 weeks ago, and after doing some time travelling I presume, you have 12,000BP in 2 months. K.

As for what’s hard about playing Fei;

-Reaction time for Rekka confirms
-Tough universal BnBs, so your execution has to be bang on;
-HK CW, cl.HP xx Special is a pretty risky link and is an obvious point for an opponent to take advantage and reversal you, so again execution wise you need to be on it, or you’re either going to have to settle for significantly less damage for an easier link, or eat a reversal into whatever now an again
-If you fall behind on life, there’s nothing big you can do to come back, it’s all just little pokes and prods hoping for a knockdown and a successful mixup, if they start turtling at this point, or if their character is defensive to begin with, there’s very little one good player could do against another with the advantage apart from get lucky
-Provided that you’re playing against someone who knows the matchup (i.e. they walk backwards whilst holding their ground, not letting you advance for free), patience is the only way to win; if you don’t keep a cool head, you’re not going to win, Fei can’t sit back and fireball zone, he can’t rush in or use his specials without caution, it’s a matter of edging closer carefully and picking where to use Rekkas, as you don’t seem to realise they aren’t safe unless you’re using LP at max distance, which is tough if a character has either good pokes or good walk speed (which is why Chun-Li’s such a bitch)
-His offense is predictable and doesn’t vary, making it easy to be countered

And that goes on, as it would for any other character. A lot of people don’t play the way they should against Fei, and a lot of people then go on and complain about him, but it’s just like anything else in SF. Now, if you would kindly stop trolling (badly, might I add) around the Fei forums, we’d all be a little better off.

I only really agree with your first point: to play fei you need good reflexes and reactions.

The rest of your post doesn’t really say anything that can’t at least be argued.

Of course, they are only opinions of what I feel is is difficult about playing Fei, and what weaknesses of his that can be exploited.

how would you argue that fei struggles against turtlers? how would you argue that his offence is plain and straightforward?

How would you argue that having a SOLID, although straightforward offence is actually a weak point and/or means that playing Fei is difficult? straightforward = not hard

He might somewhat struggle against turtles but he has the tools to crack them open…rekkas actually do decent chip, he’s got a really fast, unthrowable overhead and a decent command grab. Getting cornered by Fei is bad also for a “turtle” character like honda or rog.

I’m not saying fei is easy by any means, just that he’s not hard like the majority of fei long players say. He’s average when it comes to difficulty of playing him.

I agree with you on that. Salutami l’Italia :wink:

I’m no great player so maybe I shouldn’t chime in but the point about him having a straight forward offence on the surface seems a strike against him being difficult but when you look at it from the other side, a relatively even matched opponent, that straightforwardness is what makes him struggle against turtles. The two points are tied together.

He excels when players fail to check their aggressiveness against him, and he excels against players, or characters, with weak defense. I think his supposed enormously difficult use comes from people trying to play him as a jack of all trades, while he requires a bit more patience and a bit more control to keep the “flow” of the match in his advantage.

thats not like the ryu combo at all. its an unplinkable 1 frame link. mago dosent even hit it with consistency. that is the one thing that is hard about playing fei.

i dont think it matters tho. there are only 3 characters who are “hard to play”. gen, fuerte, and viper. akuma and seth to an extent because you cant fuck up or you die. every other character in the game is easy to play.

also, i cant believe this dude made an entire troll thread

he dosent play fei at all. he’s just tired of having his ass handed to him with his shitty guy. guy has TC’s for gods sake. dont talk to us about easy with that bullshit

Ah. I just recognized the avatar. He has some troll threads elsewhere. Well at least it has brought about a little interesting discussion.

every post by rakishal in the fei forums-

i have a godlike fei. but my other characters are ass. fei is braindead. all matchups are 9-1 for fei


fei long is the new derp

I actually think that Gen is the only character which is REALLY hard to play. Viper is hard only from an execution point of view and fuerte isn’t really hard…he’s just 50/50 and shenanigans. Akuma and Seth aren’t really hard either, they’re quite easy when it comes to execution but are hard in the sense that if you fuck up once you’re screwed.

About the fei combo, it’s true that it isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either…with some practice pretty much anyone can nail it 70/80% of the times and as i said, even if you fuck up you’re safe on block and you’re still in your opponent’s face and are still pressuring.

Ora che ho visto la tua tag mi sa che abbiamo pure giocato eheh! Ricordo che laggava una cifra purtroppo! Saluti =)

His near impossible to pull off every time combos is annoying bull crap. Besides that his ultra’s are not good in a combo and his uppercut kinda sucks not to mention he no longer has his overhead attack from a distance when other characters do.

About that, it’s -4 on block, which is quite punishable by a lot of stuff by most characters. They can also mash during the combo obviously, which with meter can lead to 300+ damage :’( Other than that though you’re pretty much right about consistency and how if you go un-punished you’d still be in their face.

Has anyone gone to the leader boards on XBL to see if he really has 12,000bp?