What about Street Fighter V excites you the most?

Hey guys,

So as you know, we’re less than one year off from entering the new age, a new era, if you will, of Street Fighter, as the release of the fifth numeric installment in the series is slowly approaching. Obviously, as the time goes on, we’re learning more and more about the game from streams, impressions, trailers, cast reveals, and so on and so forth

And as it is a new game, it brings a lot of new stuff - new characters, new mechanics, etc.

Taking all of that into consideration, as it stands - what is it that excites you the most about the next big fighting game? Is it the V-system? The speculations and the rumor mill surrounding the character cast? The thrill of meeting entirely new characters? Or the possibility to see the game being developed before our very eyes? Maybe it’s the experience of the new game after 7 years of playing Street Fighter 4? Or is it all of the above?

Mainly that it’s not SFIV.

Well past that it’s a lot of why I liked Killer Instinct. It’s a new fighting game that isn’t just settling for slap some mechanics together, bring back old characters but dont give you a real tutorial for the game, bare bones training mode with no frame data or hit boxes and then slap on sub par netcode and call it a night. Looks like more attention is being paid to the small things that the competitive community is looking for. I like seeing fighting gamers like Combofiend development of the game as it shows there’s more focus for what the people want and not just what corporate wants to do to sell millions of copies of the game. It feels like Combo has a bit more of a push in what goes on with the game than S.Kill did back in IV.

In general the gameplay looks a lot more like 98-2002 era SF games so I’m much more interested.
I wont have to force myself to play this game and will actually genuinely enjoy it.

The fact that it’s a new beginning.

When I first gave Street Fighter 4 a try, I wasn’t a huge fan. There were just many things I didn’t like about the game. However, as time progressed, I grew to like it more and have put many hrs into the game since. Now having said all that, I’ve been ready for a new Street Fighter game for quite awhile. The idea of starting fresh and learning a new game always excites me. I really like the way Street Fighter 5 is looking with it’s new system mechanics and overall approach. Seeing the amount of tech that’ll come from the new battle system is another thing I really look forward to.

Right now the only thing that excites me is the animation of Bison’s inferno.

I won’t get excited enough to buy it until Vega gets in and we get some advanced combos. Right now, too simple combos pay off too well.

See a new version of my favourite characters

Ryu look awesome but not so different
Bison is pure awesomeness

Now i hope for Zangief, Urien, Cody, Dudley and Claw to be in

Honestly… I just want to see how all the characters that are returning will look in SF5, because SF5 is so damn beautiful.

Ok, to be really honest, mainly the female chars. Mmmm Chun Li.

Potentially good online on a potentially huge community.

I like the simplicity so far from what has been shown. Looks like less execution grinds currently. V-skill/trigger making characters diverse,and looks totally fun.

New animations on block attacks. No clippling, its fantastic. I love the graphic style and the combo system is going in the right direction as well. Best of all is that the characters are actually aging. Which means we are getting new cannon story to characters that havent changed much in over 20 years.

My boy Bison is back better than ever!

Mainly that it isn’t sf4

High damage and stun. Makes the game more intense. That and a smaller emphasis on OS. Make a decision…

the very fact that Game is going in the right direction and the potential return of fan favorites like Karin, Alex,Oro,Urien , stuffs like that

What DevilJin said, it is not SFIV. I think a lot of youngins will learn for the first time what Street fighter is really about.

The fact they’re making interesting changes to classic characters and adding weird decisions to the game (like Birdie).

I like quick rise on knockdown,
no ultras,
stun indicator,
faster super animations,
faster overall,
less tick throw emphasis,
more individualized character construction.

Pad and stick being on the same level now (for all characters) with lightning kicks being motion input and p-linking removed.


Nothing. I’m remaining skeptical until the game is released and I play it, which is the smart thing to do. Not to mention that there’s nothing to be excited or get excited about as Capcom could, and most likely will, change most of it up at the last second. You guys are giving Capcom too much slack just because this game has the words “Street” and “Fighter” in it.