What About The ASUS VG236H?

I know for a great, almost 100% lag free experience everyone recommends the ASUS VH236H monitor (“The EVO Monitor”), but I can’t seem to find that particular model in any of the stores near me. When I call Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, or even CompUSA they all tell me they do not carry that specific model but that they do have the ASUS VG236H model. I’ve tried looking for answers or whether or not this monitor would work better or the same as the VH236H, but can’t find any direct answers. I took a risk 2 weeks ago and bought a Vizio 22" LCD/LED only to find that it has some pretty significant lag even though I already did all I could to try and minimize it. I really don’t want to risk making another sudden purchase without knowing for sure that it’ll work almost flawless with fighters. So can anybody help me and let me know if the VG236H is as good or better than the VH236H??

Really sorry if there’s a thread for this type of question or if the question has already been answered…

Avsforum.com has better info about lag than srk, so maybe try there. Also If you live in the US, which sounds like it, just get a asus evo from Newegg. Cheapest place to get one most of the time. They have free shipping most of the time and just fill out the Asus rebate. Got my Asus evo from Newegg for like $150 shipped after rebate.

that’s the “EVO” monitor?!no way! I had a 23" inch for like two years now!

Main differences:
-true 120Hz panel (PC 3D capable–via Nvidia GFX card & glasses).
-glossy panel vs the VH matte

I own a VG and like it quite a bit for a TN panel. It’s no S-IPS like my NEC, but for gaming (especially 120Hz PC gaming) it’s great.
Too bad 120Hz is only supported via Dual link DVI, not through HDMI or component.

There was an older thread that probably disappeared along with the site upgrade with user testimony of the lag results being the same.

Also you might want to check out the VG236HE model. It’s cheaper by about $150 because it doesn’t come with the Nvidia 3D glasses.

If you’re buying the monitor for PC gaming and you have a 3D capable Nvidia GFX card then go ahead. If the primary use is console gaming don’t bother, just get the “EVO” monitor from an online store.

I just recently ordered a vh236h on ebay, and instead got a vg236h in its place. An obvious score, but im wondering if theres ANY reason to sell it and seek out a vh236h instead? Specs state both have 2ms response time, but ive seen a couple of conflicting reviews stating the vg236h has some input lag. Can anyone confirm or deny? I cant seem to find any super solid evidence.

Response time has nothing to do with input lag.

The only way you can figure out for sure is: if you have Rock Band 2 and a Rock Band 2 guitar controller capable of auto-correcting for input lag, or to do a manual lag test using a computer, a CRT and your monitor.

Other than that I doubt anyone is going to know if the VG236H has input lag… I could be wrong though.