What about the The Hyper Stick Pro

The Hyper Stick Pro - Otomedius Gorgeous Version

Konami Boob Shooter Stick Lets Players Touch

It’s just a HRAP with a touchpad.

What do you want to know about it?

There is no Universal Mounting Bracket.
The Buttons have Quick Disconnect.

I didn’t realize it when that thing came out, but it’s the sequel to my Hyperstick! :rofl:

12 years later. That’s quite a belated sequel indeed.

yeah after reading you post, i googled the hyperstick (IMO the best/rarest stock stick) and came across that article.

too bad its not a true sequel.

I was joking, but thanks anyways.

Hyper Stick would technically be tied with PS2 Saturn stick – same LS-56 stick and PS-15 buttons on PlayStation interface.

True, but you can’t beat those badass blue aesthetics, and it probably is even rarer than a PS2 Virtua Stick…

After finding out the buttons are Seimitsu too, I almost feel bad I replaced them with Sanwas. Ah well, perhaps I can find another.