What about the x-arcade?


hi! i really like to play fighting games but i had hear about how well you can play with an arcade stick, so i have been searching for the best arcade sticks around but they never mention the x-arcade solo stick in the forums… so, have anyone tried it? and im talking about the recent model, not the older one that has such a terrible layout for fighting games. any help will be appreciated :).

P.D. im still learning english, so if i said something out of place please forgive me…or not :slight_smile:

The X-Arcade arcade controllers thread

X-arcade downsides:
[]Bafflingly bad button layout - 6 straight I can understand, but then it has 2 MORE buttons right where your wrist rests.o_O
]Only compatible with PC out-the-box – despite being USB, you need the following, separate $30 adapters for consoles:
[]X-arcade to PS3/Xbox1
]X-arcade to Wii/PS2/DC/GC
[]X-arcade to Wii/PS2/DC/GC AND an additional PS2-to-Xbox360 connector PER PLAYER
]Components are AFAIK still Chinese-made Happ knock-offs.
For the same price (X-arcade, 1-2 adapters, actual Happ stick/buttons from LizardLick) you could buy an ArcadeInABox


I haven’t used it, but apparently the stock parts aren’t very good.


Poor X-Arcade. I’m hard pressed to argue with this quote:

Jeremy from X-Arcade does lurk here. I wish they’d give the option of using iL/Happ parts. They’d get less grief. I also agree with plugging the bottom two holes.


$30 per adapter, I am better off just ripping out the stock PCB and making a dual-mod with a Cthulhu and a Mad Catz Fight pad PCB
And for Xbox 360 support I need to daisy chain adapters together, never good. Never have 2 adapters on a row.

And the layout, eww, plug up the existing holes or make a whole new top. And if I am making a new top for a X-Arcade, I may as well go for a competently different stick. Even the Pelican Real Arcade for the PS2, Game Cube and Original Xbox would be a better choice.

No offense to Jeremy from X-arcade, but there controllers gets no love from me.


Yeah, it’s tough to really endorse X-Arcade when they’re unwilling to change. It’s like an abusive relationship: at some point, you have to realize they’re never going to use a Happ comp, so it’s just time to leave.


Or adjust their prices to be more reasonable.


X-Arcade is cute for nostalgic people who want to have the feel of something you’re likely to find in places such as bowling alleys or the mall, but for serious fighting game play it just doesn’t cut it


I am fine with X-arcade not using Happ or IL, as Happ and IL parts are perfect drop in replacements and this is tech talk.
But I agree, having a option for Happ parts wouldn’t hurt X-arcade

The terrible PCB use is left alot to be desired. By default you have a PC only USB cable.
To connect to a number of systems you need a adapter $30 each.
To connect to [S]PS3 or[/S] Xbox 360 you have to connect a PS2 adapter first, then a PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter (pants on head retarded).

And that layout? Why have the 2 lower buttons for?


X-arcade was alright back when the MAME scene first started, but they failed to keep up with the times.
They seriously are the only stick makers to still ofter ps/2 keyboard support. Even newer versions mame now offers USB game controller support.
But thats fine keep your ps/2 support I am sure outdated emulators have their place.


The current revision of the X-Arcade PCB doesn’t support ps/2. It’s USB native.


I’ve seen these at Fry’s back in the day & as recent as last year. Ya, their button layout is wack to say the least! IMO, they’d have much more potential buyers if they had a traditional straight layout.


They probably thought: “We need a button down here for the SNK layout and the MK run button, but where do we put the L2/LT button? How about right next to it?”




Kikimaru024 really says it best with " Bafflingly bad button layout ."


I myself am a collector and I STILL have not been able to bring myself to buy one of these.

I even went so far as to write X-Arcade with some friendly suggestions (3 over 3 layout option,real Happ or IL parts option, and multi system PCB option ) and they pretty much just shrugged me, and my wallet off.

It’s almost funny how many of us they turn away simply because they fail to do just a couple of minor things differently.

I really have no idea who they are actually making sticks for these days.

It’s certainly not me.
(and I REALLY want to like them but it’s just not happening.)

Oh well.

Bring on the Etokki OMNI!!! Yeah!!


I still have an old X-Arcade dual that I bought about 10 years ago. Back then, there wasn’t the excellent selection of retail sticks that we have now. If you were looking for American-style home arcade controls, you were pretty much relegated to either a Hot Rod (all Happ but only worked on PC), a Slik Stick panel (which were massive and ungodly expensive, and again, only PC), or an X-Arcade (that promised future compatibility with all future consoles). I’m not sure if MAS was cranking out sticks back then, so I apologize if I’ve overlooked them.

We even have Hot Rod to thank for the wacked layout on the X-Arcade, as they viewed them as their direct competition back then, and swiped not only their layout (plus an extra button), but also the overall dimensions and style of their case. (see here)

X-Gaming still offers a Hanaho HotRod upgrade kit for users, which is basically a drop in PCB replacement. (here)

I’m not trying to be an apologist for X-Arcade, but just trying to offer a little perspective as to where they came from and their place in the market. That being said, I’m upset that they refuse to adapt to the needs of the more sophisticated arcade controller fans that we have today. Why won’t they sell blank cases? Why aren’t Happ/IL parts an option when ordering? Maybe they don’t see the need for any of that because they’re still making a ton of profit selling to the less demanding retro crowd that just wants to click some shiny buttons and move on? Until X-Gaming speaks up, we don’t know.