What Achievements Should Be In Dash?

While some of the achievements/trophies in SFIV were fun to get, some I thought were redundant (you could beat the game and beat Gouken, and get like 5, or at the end you got Way of the Fist).

What achievements would you guys like to see in Dash?

aside from “cause a player to ragequit”

What the hell is “Dash?”

SFIV Slide- Dash 100 times.
SFIV Shuffle- Dash 200 times.
SFIV 2: Electric Boogaloo: Dash 1,984 times.
SFIV DASH!!: Unlocked when you save Megaman Legends 3 to your system.

Not really related to XBL/GFWL achievements but I would like if character titles could be unlocked by winning online matches with such characters instead of beating their trials on challenge mode.
Being able to unlock new titles and icons by getting a certain amount of BP/GP like in the arcade version would be pretty cool too.

Win over 9000 online matches.

Since the current game has a trophy just for adding an icon/title, how about one for installing the game?

And maybe one for having a NAT2 or better connection set up (that might just be a PS3 thing though, not sure how the set up is for the 360).

there should be an achievement either for getting a disconnect ratio of 100% over 50 games

one for constantly spamming fierce dragon punch online and winning

and also one for never ever choosing a shoto character.

So you get the achievement when you die?

Achievement Unlock 10G
Going with the Flow-chart
performs 100 fierce shoryukens with Ken and win the match.


Join The Army, They Said: Only play as Ryu for 500 online matches.
I Like Free Damage: Connect 1000 Shoryukens into Super or Ultra without using FADC.

actually that sounds fun. I would love an achievement for each character, winning a round only performing one specific move

also, super taunt with dan, and win

Getting to GS should really NOT be an achievement, just boosters n shit everywhere.

But what should be in is:

Beat hard trials with all characters.


I have only Abel and C. Viper left. Definitely a challenging achievement to get.

Achievment Unlocked: 23gp
Saikyo Crusher!
Finish the match by canceling into a Legendary Taunt.

Achievment Unlocked: 7gp
7-Minute Saikyo!
Spend at least seven minutes in the Training Room or Trials against Dan.

Oh god yes

Bust the Buster: Win a round using nothing but grapples and throws.
Just a Scratch: Get at least 5 focus crumples in a round.
Rubbed the Rabbit’s Foot: Win a round via time over without taking any damage.
Lots to Learn: Win a round without doing any combos.

I got them all:wink: Viper one was the last one I did. It really made me feel how it feels to play Vipey.

rage quitter 0G
disconnecting during an online match

Win a perfect round with all characters in online play.