What actions/moves have instant throw immunity?

I only know a few things for certain that have instant throw immunity:

  • jumping, the frame up is pressed you have throw immunity
  • UOH
  • SRKs (except Sean)
  • Urien’s Knee Drop and Jab Headbutt
  • Akuma’s F. MP in the arcade version
  • Chun-Li’s far s.HK, F. HK and DF. HK

You can tell when a lot moves have throw immunity by some sort of hopping motion or getting any air at all, but the question is whether it’s instantly in the air or not. And some moves have throw immunity just because, like Akuma’s F.MP (in arcade), and while jumps and SRKs aren’t instantly in the air (jumps have a startup of two frames), they can’t be thrown out of startup.

so peeps who are wise on 3S frame data, what are the moves that can’t be thrown in start-up?

Pretty sure Chun Li’s f+HK and far HK are not airborn on the first frame. I’ve thrown her out of those. Also, if they were airborn on frame one the Chun-Lis would use that on wakeup a lot, like how Uriens do jab headbutt on wakeup a lot.

Other uppercuts (Oro, Ibuki, and Yun’s EX DPs) should be included.
I’m pretty sure Ibuki and Oro both have one other move that’s airborn on frame one. Dunno what it is though, sorry. For Oro I’m tempted to say it’s EX chicken.

-Akuma’s Demon Flip
-Necro’s QCB+Punch
-Ibuki’s DP+Punch

to name a few…

Command grabs beat throws.

alex stomp, akuma demon flip, oro qcf k oro ex dp(for sure, not sure about other strengths), necro qcb p, urien head butt/knee drop, ken ryu akuma srk, dudley ex dp/short swing blow, ibuki all dps/ rdp k/dp p, elena ex dp, hugo (air throw special maybe? not sure) remy flash kicks (cbk maybe? not sure).

might have missed a couple. those are all unthrowable, may or may not be off the ground in one frame.

Really? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve been thrown out of Makoto’s command grab before, but maybe I’m mistaken. If that’s true, wow, I’ve been afraid of stuff that I’m actually safe on for a while.

Oh shit, he said throw immunity…I thought this was an instant OTG thread :rofl:

Sean’s taunt

I’m trying to decide now if it’s practical at all to do that

sometimes but timing is impossible and you’d get beasted while trying most of the time

Dudley’s non-EX uppercut isn’t throw invuln in the beginning. Funny to throw him out of it.

Command grabs don’t out prioritize throws. Exception is Hugo’s 360 throw cuz he has invuln in like the 1 frame of startup or whatever it is. Kara-throw with Chun and you’ll find you beat A LOT of command grabs by throwing them in their startup cuz normal grabs are faster than command grabs. Reason Command grabs tend to win is because they have more range so normally when someone tries to command grab you your not within normal throw range.

Think Chun’s HCB+K has throw invuln from first frame. Not sure just know when i parry and throw she cancels into that and gets out a lot.

^ no hugo doesnt have invul, or 1 frame startup on his 360.

it’s as fast as a throw.

command grabs can tech throws, but throws cant tech command grabs.

throws are usually much faster though.

elenas sweep and hugos drop kick appear like they might.

ex instant-air tsurugi is technically a jump but it is a very humiliating way to get your throw countered:arazz:

Hugo’s 360 throw has no invulnerability??? I have a hard time believing it has 0 invuln when if you meaty Hugo and he reversal 360’s you eat it or so it appears in my matches. Hell I can stuff EX shoryuken’s with meaty’s but have never stuffed that thing. I don’t play him so i could just be screwing up my meaties occasionally, but it definitely out prioritizes a lot of other moves. So I just figured it had invuln.

Hugo’s 360 can be immune to throws because of the nature of a 360 motion. Under most circumstances there’s no choice but to include an upward direction, which means the grab is actually cancelling the startup of a jump if you’re doing a non-buffered standing 360, making it unthrowable.

Also, I never knew swingblow was legit unthrowable. I just figured the way he moves causes it to evade most throws, but that’s a different thing. I’ll start using it more against certain characters if it is.

Elena’s b+HK I think is immune to throws on the first frame.

yeah i was just saying its not instant or invulnerable, you can’t use it as a reversal against a meaty and i don’t want new players thinking you can just because its a 360 motion.

and yes, it is. i believe it has invincibility on startup actually, but it doesn’t last long enough to go through “long” meaties.

Oro’s ex uppercut doesn’t have instant throw immunity. There are many othe reasons that make it usually beat throws, but still I’ve grabbed him out of that a few times, expecially with max range karakusa.

Does Alex’s Spiral DTT have throw immunity?

what about urien’s s.hk?

Nowhere near instant.