What after a cross-up?

I know that Alex’s j.LK is his cross-up but I have a hard time figuring out what move or link should follow that. Any suggestions?

s.LP > LP Flash Chop, or just do variations of those.

I tend to go for cr.LK, st.LP xx LP Flash Chop. My main reason going for the cr.LK is that it forces your opponent to block low. Also cr.LK, st.LP xx LP Flash Chop leaves you at a far enough distance that you’re very unlikely to be punished.
If the cross up is deep enough or you get a counter hit you can go for st.MP, st.LP xx LP Flash Chop but getting the st.MP can be awkward.

Maybe with the opponent in the corner?

It is possible mid screen but the cross up has to be pretty deep or they recover in time. That’s why I stick to cr.LK, st.LP. It’s possible but I don’t want to drop it in a match and lose because I got greedy. :slight_smile:

I see. I also see that’s a pretty difficult link to pull off. XD
Like, to me the time window within which executing any normal after j.LK is EXTREMELY tight (same with st.LP into LP chop). Ain’t like j.HP or j.HK. :s

Nope, it can take a while to get used to it and cr.LK is one of his three 4 frame moves so it’s the easiest link possible. Just practise the timing for either cr.LK, cr.LP or st.LP and you’ll get it down. Once you’ve got it down, maybe practise the st.MP but I wouldn’t focus on it.
Another reason I go for cr.LK is because online I’ve had lag spikes and had it so j.HP, st.HP hasn’t connected and I’ve been thrown for my troubles. I don’t really have any worries of that happening with how fast cr.LK is.

Sorry to sound ignorant but you know, I am. LOL

New to fighting games.

No worries. You’re asking for advice which is a lot better than running your fingers over the buttons as fast as you can in the hope that something will happen.
(I wish I was exaggerating but the number of people I’ve seen “Play” fighting games like that… :frowning: )

Nono, I know you gotta learn the mechanics, each move’s timing etc. I do come from Devil May Cry after all, which is perhaps the most technical Hack and Slash series there is.

In fact, getting into fighting games, I was surprised by how much DMC and this genre have in common. Especially Street Fighter. Things like the concept of spacing, meter management, moves’ recovery time etc etc etc. But I’m going off topic now, I’m sorry.

you can link st.MP after crossup j.LK on non-counterhit? That’s news to me if so.

But yeah cr.LK st.LP xx LP chop is your best bet. I do double stand jab if I’m lazy cause I’m more consistent at hitting it. Of course, you can also substitute LP chop for EX chop and get a knockdown (then dash after and have frame advantage), or cancel the LP chop into super.

Completely agree. One of the best fighting game players I know is a huge Devil May Cry person. His execution and spacing is insane.

You Can, it’s just really tight. You have to land completely behind them and very deep but it is possible. Like I said above, I wouldn’t ever go for it in a match unless I had V-Skill active and got the jump in, just for the Hard Hit.

Any suggestions how to exploit that advantage? Was thinking command grabs, but I always fear the opponent sees it as an obvious choice and neutral jumps on wakeup.

It’s all about conditioning and paying the rock paper scissors game on wakeup correctly. The basic gameplan with any grappler is to force them to block so that you can grab them.

If you see/anticipate them trying to jump on their wakeup, meaty st.MP should beat that. Hit them with that a few times until they adapt and start blocking, then go for the grabs.

It’s possible your opponent will never adapt and keep trying to jump even though you want to condition them not to…it’s annoying to play against these types of players, but easy to beat. Just abuse your normals.

Of course, all of this loses to a wakeup reversal, but if you bait it, hit them with DAS BOOT. Then they’ll REALLY be scared to do it next time.

The rock paper scissors game for Alex in this situation is basically this:

throw beats blocking
blocking beats reversal
meaty beats throw/jumping

Heard that also beats jab spamming (I hate that). Though I’ll have to look up what “meaty” even means. =)

Thanks for the info btw, to all of you.

Meaty is just when you do an attack that is active while your opponent is getting up, thats all.

For example, after command grab immediately charge back. Do an LK elbow slash as soon as you recover from the grab, and it will hit them as theyre getting up. Thats a meaty.