What am I doing wrong in SFV?

And the culling of the herd begins. You’ll keep losing and then quit, and the player base will be stronger for it. Props on using “than” instead of “then”, good on ya.

I changed my post after because I decided there was no need to be rude.

I wouldn’t consider “read these numbers” as help. I appreciate drift logics post more than anyone’s.

I will never quit

I feel your pain, I am struggling as well but I am just putting it down to timing, stick with it and don’t get frustrated and it will click eventually!

Try and find someone to scrim with and stuff like that, hope I am not teaching you how to suck eggs but this is what I will be doing.

V-Meter brings a lot to the table now.


Just keep going at it, it takes quite some time to get decent at this.

Don’t forget about V-Reversal too when you’re under pressure like that…a good way to drop stun and get the opponent out of your face and back to neutral so you can think…

To the OP: you asked a question and were given the answer. If you don’t like the answer, it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

The newbie dojo is here to give a players who want to improve a place to ask questions and get answers. Not to whine or make excuses.