What am i doing wrong? (Ultra Combos)

New to fighting games,As in 4days new LoL

When every i try to do ultra’s i tend to mash the hell out of it, to make it happen. I cant seem to get the half circle motion(x2) out at all.I Just move the arcade stick around fast full circle tell it pops out So i do a random Ultra which is no good at all, Do you have to do HC fast? or Slower

When it says HCx2 and then to punch x3. Should i hit the three punch buttons at once or map my LB or RB to LP,MP,HP in order to do ultra’s?

All so what does the yellow glow do, Some times i see people glow yellow when doing tiger knee, is that unblock-able when doing that, does it case more damage,does it case meter, if it does none of that, what’s the point of it?

And what is the move that looks like it leaves and trail of black ink, is that unblockable when doing that, does it case more damage,does it case meter, if it does none of that, whats the point of it?

All so to understand the game better I guess i should learn combos etc. first when Ryu? Then pick a main>?

What are some easy Combos for a noob like me to learn?

Thanks for you time guys,

do the half circle motion pretty fast, make sure you’re hitting all the directions as you do it.
yellow glow is called an EX move. it costs one bar of meter, and typically you gain more damage or some other property (ryu fireball becomes 2 hits, etc.). in sf4 EX moves also typically gain some sort of hit invincibility.
the black ink move is called a focus attack, it’s one of the primary systems in SF4, so you should look up more info on that on your own.
get your execution skills down first. once you’re able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, the game will become much easier. don’t need to become a master, just have the basic skills down so you can do what you want when you need it.

learn about cancels (cancel a normal move like ryu low medium kick into a fireball) and links (ryu low medium punch to low medium punch), as these are the basics for the games entire combo system.

best of luck

Go into training mode and do the motion, slow at first, and then faster until you can do it consistently. Practice is all it takes.

As far as the other stuff, the moves you’re referring to are EX special moves and focus attacks. The Systems FAQ on the SRK wiki explains all of that stuff, read through it before asking any more questions on basic stuff like that.

go on youtube, and watch tutorials on sf4. the most important lesson youll learn is about zoning.

READ: http://www.sirlin.net/articles/playing-to-win-part-1.html

You didn’t name your character.

First of all, most ultras are quarter circle forwards, not hcf. So are you sure you have the right motion?

You have like half a second to do the ultra motion, which actually is a long time.

Also don’t mash ultras, they’re terrible reversals because of the super flash and their usually slow startup. Unless you’re Cammy or Fei Long or something.

Preference, but most people on arcade sticks hit the 3 buttons because it’s more convenient than reaching out for that far button. Also in arcades they don’t have a 3P button. Doing 3P/3K is rather easy on a stick, I recommend doing it without the macro.



It costs meter, yes. 1 EX bar. Almost all specials have an EX version, which is ‘better’ in some way. You do it by doing the input for that special only you hit 2 attack buttons. (for example, EX Hadouken with Ryu is qcf and 2 punches)

Sagat’s EX tiger Knee is safe on block, faster, juggles where tiger knee won’t, reaches farther.

That’s a focus attack. It’s done by holding :mp and :mk:. Watch this. [media=youtube]nivXAQ4VvSk[/media]

Getting used to links is something you can definitely learn with Ryu. The combos I’m going to list are not braindead, they require a bit of practice. But they’re all practical and do-able. They’re somewhat listed by difficulty, so the first one is the easiest and so on.

cr.lk xx cr.lp -> hp shoryuken: hit-confirm off low into a knockdown. The SRK is linked. 3 frame link, very consistent. Usually can do two jabs instead of one.
cr.lk xx cr.lp -> cr.hp xx hk tatsumaki: Another hit-confirm off a low into a knockdown, more damage but doesn’t work off a j.mk/j.hp crossup.
cr.lk xx cr.lp -> cr.mp -> cr.hk: This is a great combo that sets up Ryu’s hold up forwards safe jump after sweep. cr.mp -> cr.hk is a 1 frame link, meaning it’s harder.
f.hp -> hp uppercut: Simple punish combo for blocked uppercuts, etcetera.
f.hp -> cr.hp xx hp uppercut: More damage but harder than the combo above. f.hp -> cr.hp is a 1 frame link. This combo is sometimes referred to as “4 fierce” or “3 fierce” and is Ryu’s best punish combo and best crumple combo.

Anti-air lp SRK -> U1: Ryu can combo into ultra off an anti-air for no EX meter. Do the lp SRK early to catch them high up. Against good jump-ins, like Blanka’s j.hk and Zangief’s j.mk, you need to use mp uppercut and FADC it to combo into ultra off an anti-air.
in corner, EX tatsu -> U1: this is crazy damage for 1 bar and you can use EX tatsu to catch people trying to tech your throws and it also beats some reversals.
forward j.mp -> U1: air to air, to ultra
mp SRK FADC forwards U1: You need to be able to do this to play Ryu competitively. This takes practice.


Seriously turn off the game, put in a movie. place arcade stick in lap and practice the 2xquarter circle foward hit 3 buttons motion for the entire movie. Don’t do it fast, in fact do it slowly. The next day do it again but do the motion faster. By the 3rd of 4th movie spent doing this you will have it down :wink:

This sounds good, but how do you know if you’re doing it right?

It is about getting the motion burned into your muscle memory. Doing the motion itself is simple, it is doing it under pressure

go slow, bro.
take your time, you’d be surprised how long the game gives you to input things.

as you do it slowly you’ll recognize exactly how it feels and be able to speed up bit by bit. that’s how you develop your execution. it’s about doing things as minimally as possible while being 100% consistent.

I was playing with ryu in the lab and i seem to get some combos down, Did one that is Jump foward MP, into Shoryuken into Hadoken. Trying to do focus attack in Tastsumaki Senpukyaku now.

I personally would only practice doing motions in training mode. Practicing while watching a movie could help one develop bad muscle memory.

To the OP:

This sticky is for you.

All I can say is “let success be your proof”(Aleister Crowley) Doing the motions slowly in training mode won’t result in the move comming out in training mode anyway. But speed comes with accuracy, not the other way around. Learning to things in a fighting game is no different than learning how to play a song on guitar or bass. Do the motions slowly at first. Make sure you are hearing all six clicks of the joystick and make sure you are hitting all three buttons. Once you can do it exactly correct then practice a little bit faster then a little bit faster and work yourself up to full speed. Without the game on you can pay attention to the feel and the click of the stick. Once you are more familiar with your stick you will start to notice that you don’t have to go all the way to the gate and you don’t have to start your quarter circle foward straight down or end it straight foward. you can start and end at a little bit of an angle not riding the gate. Less motion to hit the switches (remember the joystick is pushing down one or two “buttons”) equals more precise and quicker motions.
Another method that is used by many athletes is visualization. Your mind cant tell the difference between what you do and what you imagine. A study was done with 3 groups of basketball players, group #1 practiced shooting freethrows for an hour a day, Group #2 imagined shooting freethrows for an hour a day, Group #3 did nothing. After the week Both group #1&#2 improved their freethrow % group #3 made no improvement. So stuck at a red light, Long bus ride, waiting in line, imagine yourself doing the things you want to improve on.

I don’t really know what to say other than if doing fireballs on a stick while watching a movie worked for you, great, but I would advise the average new player to work on execution while actually playing the game.

I added some bold to your main problem.

Don’t mash. Ever.