What am I doing wrong?

Hello again, if anyone remembers, I made a topic about how I was frustrated at the game and not feeling like I was getting any better. I went back into the lab to practice my execution and decided to try my hand at ranked matches again…and I went 3-13…

I will attempt to give a basic rundown of each match. Hopefully I can get some advice on why I suck so much…

  1. 1627BP El Fuerte(L). I have no idea how to fight him. This character is the epitome of random. Loss due to lack of character knowledge.
  2. 383BP Juri(L). One of my online friends plays Juri so I kind of know the match. I easily take the first round but lose the next two due to poor judgement as usual.
  3. 50BP Oni(W). I figured this person just started playing. Win against someone new to the game doesn’t really feel like a win.
  4. 580BP Rose(W). I’ve fought Rose a few times before and this actually felt even to me. I managed to pull out a win after stuffing her Ultra 2 with a backthrow > U1.
  5. 130BP Ken(L). I didn’t know how to punish him. I would block a shoryuken just to eat the second and air hurricane kicks kept me from doing anything in the air.
  6. 2112BP Ryu(L). I know the Ryu matchup, but he kept punishing my blocking with J. MK > Throw. Every time I tried to tech it my mind was just too slow.
  7. 50BP Akuma(L). Same player as the Ken above. Same tactics, different character. I just could not get an advantage on him.
  8. 2356BP Abel(L). I rarely fight Abel. Rushdown causes me to not know how to fight back. Just like El Fuerte, loss due to little character knowledge.
  9. 632BP Seth(L). Crossup Blockstring. Crossup Blockstrig. Crossup Blockstring. That was the whole match and my mind couldn’t keep up with it.
  10. 499BP Zangief(L). Who knew lariat punished air parry so much? I just didn’t know what to do here as well.
  11. 2690BP E. Honda(L). Fairly even match that went down to the wire. Loss because of execution mistakes on my part.
  12. 2635BP Gen(L). No idea how to fight him so it was nothing but counter hits. This wasn’t even close to a fair fight.
  13. 4007BP Yun(L). At this point I’m mentally guard broken and not really trying much. seeing such a high BP just makes me not even want to try.
  14. 990BP Yun(L). taking advantage of my mental state, this Yun just beats me down even further. another loss because of multiple factors.
  15. 2124BP Ryu(W). I honestly should not have won this fight. It just seemed like he had not fought that many Goukens and could not anticipate what I could do.
  16. 6983BP(wtf Capcom) T. Hawk(L). Why Capcom? How is a 6,000 BP difference fair? He kept getting me with Condor Spire > Command Grab which hurt. Stunned both rounds and lose.

So that was my morning of failure. These are the days that make me want to snap the disc in half. It just seems like anytime I feel like playing, this ends up happening. This is why I don’t see much point in practicing. If this is what’s going to happen each time I start up the disc, then what’s the point in trying to enjoy myself?

Get a headset.
Find somebody with a headset that knows how to play.
Go into endless mode with them
Listen to their advice.

Training mode doesn’t help if you can’t handle a situation.

First of all,idk shit about Gouken.
2nd, you do know you can search for same skilled players to sort of weed out a few intermediate players.
3rd, listen to J.Scogz
4th go to theater mode and watch your matches,try to figure out what ELSE you could have done in situations that got you flustered.

Stop playing ranked and start playing 1v1 Endless Lobbies.

I promise you that will you enjoy yourself (except for the lag).

You kicked me from your endless lobby

i hate 1v1 endless

its better to do like 5 people endless because you practise againsts more characters.

also, you do prob need a person with a mic to guide you threw it, i didnt have anyone to help and it took me forever… one kid said he would teach me but he was great and used balrog and i was nub who used ken, and he just blew me away over and over and over and called it training.

Try to learn an easy character, you will have more fun with them and you will win more, train that character in both training mode and arcade mode. watch how the pros play them, try to play them similiar, if you play a character and like him, you might not like the way the pro’s play them, i used to love gouken.

You are probably only practicing combos, in which case you probably wont get any better.

It significantly increases the lag.

watch your replays. See what mistakes your made & how you could have countered/punished.

Stop practicing so much and just enjoy the game. If it takes any longer than say 10minutes in training mode your either brand new or you still don’t know how to play the game. Just learn the input and go online, that’s all. When you get a lot of people with shit coming out of their mouths you try to get better purely through training mode, well that’s boring. As long as your having fun then you’ll get better at your own pace. Which oddly enough, I tried to get online today and couldn’t so that was bull shit and not much to do right now.

Try not to take Ranked Matches so seriously. BP/PP never reflects on how good someone is. Find some online players with microphones and get yourself one (if you don’t already have one).

Chat & Play, ask for advice. Hell, add me. I might be able to help you out some. I don’t know shit about Gouken but I can help you with basics.

There are going to be days when you feel completely discouraged, and you don’t feel like continuing on. It happens to everyone. On those kinds of days, it’s best if you take the time to evaluate your skill. Try looking at your replays, and see what you could have done better, so you can take note of that for next time. If you feel like Ranked Matches aren’t the way to go, try asking people to do a 1v1 Endless match with you, and provide you with feedback afterwards. I don’t know a lot about Gouken either, but I’m sure you can find a lot of helpful information if you check out the sticky threads in the Gouken forum, which you can find here:


I hope it helps.

are you sure? is that why people do it? i play in endless lobbys with a lot of people and it don’t lag to often.

If you find a guy from SRK and start playing with him to get better, it makes sense to do a 1v1 endless. That way he can interact and test certain things about your game (if you can deal with tech throws, frame traps, etc…) and give you feedback. It’s possible, but not as easy, to do it by observing their matches.

well true enough, but no one was talking about a 1 on 1 trainer, we were just talking about 1 on 1 randoms due to lag.

add me op, i can try to give you some tips, I’m no where near pro, i can’t option select or plink or anything, but i know a lot of whats right, plus i actually have made it my lifes goal to make sure i don’t get scrubbed out, i just want to be good enough so that scrubs can’t beat me.

GT: Blaziner